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  1. Today I've installed AdAware 10.2 and scanned my computer using "Full Scan" settings. It went around 3 hours when it finished and reported 43 threats, I marked most of them "quarantine" and few of them as "ignore" (for items I suspected that it was a false positive, so I could deal with it later), then clicked "Clean". But, afterward I need to get back to see which file (the full path) that I clicked "ignore", for further investigation (since AdAware didn't allow me to "Save Logs"), I expected that there will be some kind of scan log kept in the "Reports" section. When I clicked on the report, I found nothing but a short summary about that scan. How to get the full scan report (full path of the threat and their identification +scan settings) from the previous scan? preferably in text file format. I hope I wouldn't need to re-scan my PC all over again to get the information.