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  1. Well after years of using and purchasing adware pro,ive finally decided to try a 30 day trial of another product after months of troubles with it. It stops my webpages from showing almost every day and these examples are shown in my earlier posts. Compared to what im using now,adware was really slow when im browsing but that may be to the fact that i was having trouble with adware opening pages. I have loved using it for years but for this year alone,for some reason,it completely didn't work. Although the staff on here have been helpful in their responses,i couldn't actually get any help with my issues because of time differences and being at work in the day.
  2. Is there anyway I can communicate with the person at adware who will come onto my pc, then i can contact them directly when I'm having the trouble. Otherwise if I just arrange a date and time, it's not saying it will happen at that exact time so they won't find any solution if it's working at that specific time. What do you think?
  3. Sure but iv'e just uploaded the logs,so let adware see if they can find anything from them first to solve the problem,if not then we can go to the next option.
  4. Well it has happened again and this was with network protection turned off,as shown in image. I wasn't unable to reach any site with network protection off. I even closed the browser,even used another browser and no site could be reached at all,this is with network protection off after i couldn't reach any sites with network protection on,so either way,on/off,it didn't work. As soon as i stopped adware service,all sites could be reached,so the program is clearly at fault. I have created a new set of logs after being on the internet for well over an hour or so. Also i can't even upload the logs as there seems to be an error showing up onsite? Iv'e tried 4 times in different browsers. The logs file is only 3.70MB LINK BELOW
  5. Please enter the license key for the Pro version Sorry but youv'e lost me? After i uninstalled/reinstalled adware,i then entered my licence key so it was pro version. I then updated the definitions which was about 204mb. As for testing web pages,as i said in my first post,its hit or miss,there isn't a specific web page that dosen't work but when i get a web page that can't be reached,then i won't be able to open any web pages until i stop adware service.
  6. Does it help to turn off "Network Protection"? I will try it and report back.
  7. Do you mean that a certain page only is blocked sometimes but usually it's no problem visiting the same page When a webpage dosen't display,i have to turn adware off to display a webpage,otherwise it never will. I did a fresh install of adware and i tried ebay,the site couldn't be reached. Im on windows 10 which is a new system that has only been on the pc for a few months.
  8. Yes I have network protection but I only turned off Web protection at the time which didn't work. I've unistalled the program and reinstalled the program which I thought would be a much quicker option for me. I will see if it happens again or cures it. I will upload logs etc if the issue still persists. Thanks.
  9. Well i turned off web protection as ebay webpage couldn't be reached. I then tried this forum site address with web protection off and still the site address couldn't be reached. I then stopped adware service and the page worked fine,what is wrong with this software? You pay for a professional application and you have to turn it off so you can browse the internet?
  10. When it does it again,i'll turn it off and see if it works and report back. I can't figure how why it has just started to happen like this though,the only things that change are the updates? I don't have ad block installed or web companion.
  11. I have adware Pro, what I've always had. I've installed the program as normal without altering any settings, it's been installed for months but it has only just started to play up with not allowing Web pages to open. I will have to look tonight regarding your other questions as I'm at work. The only items I ever click on are the scan and update nothing else is touched or altered.
  12. I keep getting errors with webpages. If i turn off adware,everything works fine and fast but when its turned on,i keep getting errors,its hit or miss. I havent altered anything in the settings and ive done a full scan which is all clean. What is wrong with it?
  13. When i run a full scan,it says it's calculating and it can be like that for 30 mins or so? When i run a quick scan or custom scan,it starts scanning straight away? I stuck with it and now it's scanning but it was still calculating for the 30 mins.
  14. With my C drive now added,it took 33 minutes. On a fresh install as described in post 27,A full scan took 35 minutes,so custom scan is about the same. Now either on a full scan it's not scanning everything,as i said for the past 5 years,it normal takes 2 hours,or the software has changed and the speed times have changed that it can scan at a ridiciously rate. Sorry but i never ever use smart scan so wouldn't of known that i had to add any drives. My original post was always about doing a full scan and thats what i want fixing really. Up until post 12,full scan was the only thing i talked about but you said, Why was it when i started the pc in safe mode in took almost 2 hours on a full scan and why after a fresh install twice,the time i got was 35 mins on a full scan. That's what i need to find out,or for it to be fixed,the full scan.
  15. Yes Cecilia,all 9 boxes have always been checked apart from the smart scan,just as you told me from the start.