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  1. No I just noticed something like that in another post I haven't used this product in years but I remember when having issue with ads download ad-aware (even with virus software installed) and poof problem solved.... I guess times have changed. Can you provide a link for 9.6 plzzzz
  2. Okay I read a few topics and I am having the SAME ISSUE.... I PURCHASED Ad-Aware Personal Security off the site earlier today because I have started noticing pop-up ads on my laptop within the last week or so, I have downloaded ad-aware and NOTHING I un-installed and tried downloading in safe mode w/ networking and normally still NOTHING I re-tried the last few steps multiple times I also been running anti-virus scans and it detects a few cookies and malware here and there but then again NOTHING. I also tried doing it disabling my anti-virus software and still NOTHING. Im running Windows 7, SP1, 64 bit My anti-virus software is Symantec Endpoint Protection Can I please have assistance?