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  1. Dear Ad-Aware, I have a great feature suggestion for the next minor update to Ad-Aware. Since some people are having problems activating the product, I thought it would be helpful to suggest putting in some sort of "diagnostics" or troubleshooting feature to help troubleshoot various problems with activation including pinging your activation machine and other things. Sincerely, Nathan Koepke
  2. I tried again today and it is still not working. I do not have any firewall other than the default Windows firewall on.
  3. Dear Lavasoft: I am having a lot of trouble activating my Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ product today. I have pasted in the code that was given to me and I clicked Activate but it said Activation failed: We cannot process your key right now. Our sincere apologies or something like that. Nothing should be wrong with my Internet connection. If anyone can help me here, that would be appreciated. Sincerely, Nathan Koepke