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  1. yes, it tried to force additional content with the Revo. But, I was able to install from a different location, and uninstall all Ad-Aware content. The issue appears to be resolved at this point. Thanks for your help
  2. that link that you sent gives me an installer that wants to add browser add-ins, optimizers, and some shop and win QwikLinx software. I was able to find a better link, ran the Revo and will test it today.
  3. what I am saying is that neither suggestion you made works. There is no file under program data that has an ad-awareAE.res file and the revo uninstaller installed for free but now wants me to purchase software to uninstall your freeware. That makes no sense!
  4. I looked at all three links, none of them resolved my issue. I do not have a hidden file that I can attach the mib.lib in. There is no where to put it.
  5. Even if I wanted to, I cannot delete the folder. I tried that as a last resort and that's when I received the error about missing a mia.lib. It tells me to upgrade to Ad-Aware 10 to resolve the issue. But then I do and to your point, they are different programs so one does not fix the other.
  6. Hello, I have seen similar issues but not the same. In my case I did not wish to contiune using Ad-Aware AE. I was ugrading my Norton 360 edition to version 6.0 and it said there was a conflict with Ad-Aware AE so I needed to uninstall it. I fallowed the normal process of start, programs, lavasoft adaware uninstall but when I try I am getting an error saying I am missing a mia.lib. I cannot install my new software until yours is uninstalled and I cannot even use your AE version as it is missing a file. I tried upgrading to Ad-Aware 10 hoping it would add the missing file and then allow me to uninstall but the 10 version will not fully install. I run the installer, it says I need to reboot, I complete that but It does not replace the old software, only creates a new folder for ad-aware antivirus with a definitions folder and nothing else. No option to uninstall. I have gone to the add remove programs option in windows and it will not allow me to uninstall. I also tried running add remove pro and that could not delete it. Please help me get rid of this software. I am running windows XP home edition SP3 Thanks!