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  1. It just finally updated to 05/27/14 13:21:17 so I guess it's OK now. Given the recent issues it would be nice in the next release to have a more meaningful status as to exactly what it's trying to do, e.g. if it has contact with the server, querying updates, latest update definitions version found, etc. Now it only shows a diagnostic if it downloads or tries to apply something. More status info would also be helpful to support in diagnosing problems. Also please fix the automatic scan so it checks for new definitions before initiating a scan (Microsoft Windows Defender has done this properly for years).
  2. Is there a new issue with the update servers? I was finally able to get it working last week after deleting all the definitions and letting it reload past the corrupted update. This morning however there have been no updates since 05/27/14 08:34:34. Attempting to manually update downloads nothing, just returns after attempting to contact the update servers. This is unusual since there usually would have been at least two updates by now. Is there an issue, or have there just been no updates? I'm just a little concerned after last weeks' problems since I doubt the hacker community have gone on holiday.
  3. Every time I attempt to activate free Ad Aware 10.2 I get Activation failed. I got a new key sent, same problem Ad Awarw and Ad Aware Service are added to Windows Firewall exceptions though I never got a firewall exception. I am not using a proxy server. I have tried at different times, but so far no success. Jim