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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1346087272' post='138446'] Hi SDX, Thank you for your kind words There are some issues with the server handling those updates. Lavasoft has been working on it at least since Friday and it is better now but not fully working yet. [/quote] Thanks CB...still not able to update...
  2. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1346068132' post='138404'] Hi SDX, Many persons seems to think that they can send emails to marketing or sales department when they have some problem. That's the reason why I asked if the proper web page was used. There have been issues with the system behind the web page during the summer and messages have been lost, but that seems to be better now. Phone support is handled by another company than Lavasoft, but I'll inform my contact person at Lavasoft of how that company treated you. I'm glad that you are satisfied with the forum [/quote] Hi CeciliaB, I'm super satisfied with the forum and YOUR support! How can a serious company like Lavasoft not invest into support is beyond me... You can definitely tell your contact @ Lavasoft about the poor service. ... Anyway, I have another tech issue that came up. For 2 days now it seems AdAware updates can't connect to Spyware/Adware updates. Engine A and B updates are fine, but when it tries to update Spyware/Adware it states: "Unable to establish connection to update server"?? Please check this. Thanks!
  3. Thanks CeciliaB! Sure makes me feel better! ... It's amazing how these hackers don't have lives!
  4. Hi, As I already mentioned I also NEVER get a response from Lavasoft regarding AdAware Total Security! I also had a license renewal issue not long ago and decided I would call support... It was a Total Nightmare! The lady that picked up was from India (don't want to mention names) and kept INSISTING on connecting to my computer when all I had was a simple question, which after not getting any help from her I figured out myself! I have to say I've been using Lavasoft AdAware products for years now and with this kind of support I'm not sure I would renew my license again... This is with the exception of CeciliaB here on this forum, the only one that responded to another question I had!
  5. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1345237751' post='138074'] Hi SDX, I think, after some googling, it means that a computer on internet has made a port scan of your computer. It searched for a port that could be used to enter your computer, but since you have a firewall it shouldn't be possible to do that. Probably only some kind of information message from Ad-Aware Total Security. Did you contact Lavasoft support on [url=""][/url] or how did you do it? [/quote] Hi Cecilia, [size=4][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Thanks a lot, I never receive a response from Lavasoft Support whenever I contact them! [/font][/size] [size=4][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]This is my first response to a question I had about Ad-Aware. [/font][/size] [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Anyway, y[/font][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]ou don't really appreciate a Firewall until something like this happens! [/font] [size=4][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Do you think this was a deliberate direct attack by some hacker??[/font][/size] [size=4][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]It originated from some in Köln, Germany.[/font][/size] [size=4][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I contacted them and they said it was from one of their clients! [/font][/size]
  6. UPDATE: I found the Attack to be coming from: [b][/b]
  7. Hi, [i]As I NEVER seem to get any response from Lavasoft directly via email, I will post my question here on the forum:[/i] Namely, I received a "pop-up" message from my Ad-Aware Total Security stating: "Your Computer has been Scanned"! (It was not a Virus Scan) What does this mean then??! Is there anywhere I can get more info on this "scan"? Thanks!