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    one of my interests are to help others with their computers, like removing viruses and malware.
  1. Well this explains that the built in standard Add and Remove Program doesn't seem to uninstall applications completely which often leaves broken registry key's and unnecessary files on the hard disk . For this, freeware like Revo Uninstaller were created, making Revo much of a better choice over the standard Add and Remove program feature. Not only it uninstalls the program, but searches for left over files and registry keys which are shown as blue jigsaw puzzles and removes them. After this process, all traces of the foistware programs are removed. If only users knew about this program. All of this was in response to Mystart by Incredibar started by BeasByte. If only there was a pinned topic on the forum which showed users how to remove toolbars and other malicous items, which they can refer to before posting for help on the forum.
  2. Best way in getting rid of foistware is uninstalling it via Programs and feature uninstall list. You don't need any other program paid or free to do it for you. Foistware - Software that is installed without the user's knowledge or consent, often bundled with another product Types of Foistware MyStart by incredibar Avg secure search Babylone toolbar incredimail Ask toolbar Ask toolbar updater Search Protection FileHippo.com Update Checker FrostWire 5.6.3 Frostwire Toolbar (Version: MediaMonkey And many others...... If there is a program that you did not install, or had no notion of it being installed, then it is Foistware!
  3. Long time no see, I am nearing completion in the underclass, 2 Practice Logs to go

    1. CeciliaB


      I wish you good luck! :)

  4. Thats ok with me My bro's computer is clean and he doesn't want me to get a otl log, so thanks for offering your help.
  5. Once my bro is done with his homework i will ask to get on his computer in order get an olt log sorry if i ask to many questions about certain stuff. Although since I am on geeks to go I could get help from there. But many go to geeks to go while lavasoft forums does exactly the same! since the lavasoft forums don't get many post I will sometimes go here rather that geeks to go, just to give them something to do
  6. That would be great, i have made an otl log but if he didn't delete it of his computer then i could past it into my reply. Why on lavasoft you have to attach your logs, when on geeks to go you copy and past them into your posts?. For me copy and past is much eaiser and it will help with identification much better.
  7. My brothers computer was infected with Trojan: MSIL/Bladabindi.b which was detected by Microsoft Security Essentials and removed. but i am not sure if anything else remains on his computer. If i follow the instructions posted in read this before you post here are my queations if I scan with ad-aware it wont find this type of infection why not skip to otl rather than downloading dds Does dds also helps identify infections not only otl, which i am learning to analyze in geeku
  8. Installed ad-aware but before removing it, I scaned the computer to see if it finds anything, found 0 Disable ad-watch Installed revo uninstaller and removed it with revo. Installed spybot search and destroy to see if it detected ad-aware, it did not!
  9. I have ad-aware 9.6 on my usb drive so there is no need to download it. I will install it then try to use revo uninstaller. Do I disable ad-watch in the notifications area or in the program itself?
  10. I uninstalled it normally through control panel program and features. If I need to use revo uninstaller I am going to have to install ad-aware 9.6 and remove it with revo. Should I do that or should I not?
  11. When I install spybot search and destroy on my computer it alway's tells me i have ad-aware installed when I dont. I dont see it in my programs and features list which means it is uninstalled. But why is spybot saying its still installed?
  12. I am know a GeekU freshman give me best luck

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      Congratulations! :)

  13. some people dont know why you cant use 2 different antiviruses on their computers, here is a why! Running 2 different antiviruses both paid and free will couse instability and system failures when conflicting with each other. Differences bettween both are, the paid antivirus will have a better detection rate, plus better protection, a firewall and others, while the free one is giving you less protection, a not so good detection rate, and is lacking many features that paid antiviruses have. So if the user is running both a paid and free, it is recomended to uninstall the free one and only run 1 antivirus at a time, by doing so you will not have anymore problems with system being slow, crashes and ect. But as a reminder you need to update the antivirus and renew your subscription if it has expired
  14. trying to get accepted to GeekU

  15. i never thought my post would double, did not expect that to happen. i have deleted my old account, unfortunatly otl moved files was also created in the new one, so i will delete it from my computer with the instructions you have given me earlier, if its no longer needed? thanks for your help with this topic and i hope this wont be the last.