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  1. Sorry Cecilia if I confused you. The last three sentences mean that if you fool me once, it's your fault. But if I let you fool me again, it's my fault for letting you do that to me. It means I have learned my lesson and it won't happen again. Cecilia, even though I'm upset with Lavasoft for causing me to waste a lot of time, it's been a nice experience corresponding with you. Thank you for your help and advice. David
  2. It's probably true that the Ad-Aware installation has a negative option to NOT install Blekko. But negative options are easy to miss and software companies know it's an easy way to make a little extra cash by providing it as a negative option. Then, the user finds he has software on his computer he never intended to install and not a hint on how to uninstall it. I will boycot any software company that does this to me. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I won't give you a chance.
  3. Suddenly, when I'd go to a new tab in Firefox, I would get a page which was a search box from Blekko. I couldn't find anything called Blekko on my computer. Not ad-ons, extentions or programs. I spent many hours over several weeks trying to fnd a way to eliminate the Blekko search page from coming up when I clicked on New Tab. Finally, I found the Blekko web site. After several email exchanges with Blekko they told me to disable Ad-Aware Security Toolbar in my Firefox extensions. That did it. Ad-Aware had downloaded malware during an update that hacked my computer and changed my New Tab to a Blekko page without my knowledge. And they had the nerve to call it Ad-Aware Security Toolbar. Shame on you Lavasoft, providing malware protection software that itself loads malware on computers. After several years of using Ad-Aware, I'm uninstalling it forever. If anyone from Lavasoft reads this, please forward it to the one responsible for making a deal with Blekko to include their malware in Ad-Aware and disguise as a security program. Goodbye Lavasoft.