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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1346278266' post='138543'] Hi fredriley, Even users of the free product can receive support from Lavasoft for really serious problems that stops you from using the program, for example impossible to activate and crashes (BSOD). Support will either give you a new key or increase the number of possible activations. [/quote] Thanks, that's useful to know. As it happens, when I booted up today and was prompted to get an activation key, the process worked, and I've now got an activated free product. Maybe yesterday was just a server glitch. Thanks for making the product available for free, as that's an important contribution to 'net hygiene' Fred
  2. I'm having exactly the same problem (v10.2, Windoze 7, SP1), so have emailed support as Cecilia advises. However, as a free user I wouldn't expect any support at all, but if this problem is common as I suspect that it might be, then it would be useful for Lavasoft to post a solution to this forum. I know, I could pay, but I've just lost my job and am trying to keep my costs down....