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  1. Hi, Cecilia So, ... my v11 problem happened to someone else too..! Now you see, and so does LavaSoft, that the disinfect option is a BIG problem, and should be made to Quarantine the file if disinfecting is unsuccessful. In my case, I didn't even have the logs to view. Will I hear an "...I'm sorry..." from LSAndy, now, when he doubted my same complaint before? How 'bout you C C? Do you believe me now?
  2. Robsav

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    Interesting..! Your additional information supports my 'theory' it may also be the cause of my v11 issue using it on Win 8.1 It may affect separate system configurations differently, other than ways already known, that cause strange behavior with the OS, not showing up as the usual symptoms, or in addition to them. thanks for that..!
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    Hi VickyJ, it won't hurt anything to remove them, as outlined in the previous posts, & may actually help fix your latest issues, too.
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    Hey thanks for correcting my spelling mistake. it turns out the second file WAS there, but just not started. i deleted it anyway. i haven't re-installed v10.5 yet, been busy past couple of days, and was curious as to these files when I saw this post. maybe one still remaining active while the other is there but not started didn't cause the other types of errors, but still interfered with v11, ... but they are gone now. at least. Could AdAware v11 have a fault that doesn't completely remove or shut-down the v10 files, when installing v11, and some systems have different variants of file remnants that may create different errors? it's very strange, anyway. When I put back the corrected v11 (when ready), after using v10.5 , I'll check these older files again to be sure they're out. and thanks for the other info of what MicroSoft-heads didn't put into Win8 ... .
  5. Robsav

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    Hi Cecilia i got curious so I checked on my Windows 8.1 Pro and found I had one file but not the other. i stopped the first, then deleted it. if this gfibto file was left-over from v10.x could it have been the cause of my strange behavior with v11? i never had the errors shown by these other posts, (Service Unavailable), and definitions / program loaded, but I'm wondering if the one file that was still there possibly could have "played" with the scanning or "disinfecting" function of v11, making it erratic. if so, maybe that's why mine deleted files without logging the action. By the way, no listing showed for the hidden devices, when view-mode changed, in the device manager, so I tried the command prompt (Administrator) Right-Mouse-button click on Start Button for Admin Command Prompt (Windows 8.1 Pro)
  6. I just realized what else v11 took off, from my D drive All the past v10 AdAware install files and the main storage folder I had them in.
  7. Hi C C yes I know about showing hidden files and folders, and have the setting ON for showing them, in my folder view. In this instance, the ISO was not a hidden file. It was a Booter file of a CD Image and USB memory stick, the File Recovery program creates, so you can make a recovery disk or USB stick to scan the hard drive in case the computer crashes. same for the Acronis drive imager program from Western Digital. what concerns me most, is the fact AdAware didn't include these deleted files in its log, or quarantine area when I viewed the report after the 1st scan. i bet if I chose quarantine instead of disinfect, my files may still be restorable, but the ones that didn't show as being ready to quarantine, may still have been taken off anyway. i wish I tried quarantine, as I usually do, but, it's too late now. i just hope I helped LavaSoft find any misbehaving by AdAware v11, and can fix it before any wide-spread problems start to show.
  8. Hi Andy, ...sorry for sounding a bit harsh... I was a bit freaked-out over seeing folders missing, and I just felt like the concerns regarding my files and folders being deleted, were being ignored after the false positive was settled. I tried to explain as best as I could, being I had no log to reference, but stated in post #10 , where I attached the two screen captures of the strange occurrence. ... ... About the folder and file not showing when using windows file explorer, shows in the same location a different program sees it at when it opened at the last viewed location it worked with, ... I had hoped you'd understand what I was saying there. Maybe it's the language difference... If so, I apologize This was why I also mentioned if AdAware v11 can hide folders from view if it thinks they're infected, or pirated. I also mentioned one of the other programs deleted (Acronis) from Western Digital, in post #14 I stated the original install file wasn't removed, but rather just the BootDisk.ISO and the USB booter.ISO file were taken off. And I also mentioned it seems as if AdAware v11 was going after all .ISO files where the autorun.exe file may have been in. All the separate files from the File Recovery v9.5 install folder, copied to the D drive were also removed, besides the new updates v10.5 and v11.5 of that program were also removed, folder and files. And ISO's too As for mentioning I didn't pirate the file I uploaded to you... that was because the name it was registered to, shown within the installed program, was different from the one I use on this forum, and I didn't want you to think I pirated it from someone else. That's why I also mentioned CeciliaB as a reference. She knows my real name when I sent her a thank-you thru PayPal, last year. This all happened when I used the "Disinfect" option rather than the "Quarantine" option I usually use, ...after it found the false positive in the autorun.exe file. I don't know if other stuff was taken off, because I didn't make a backup before running the scan, but I did notice someone else on this forum has posted that all their archived eMails are gone too, so I'm thinking this v11 has some "aggression" that's set too high. That other post of eMail being deleted, is here...
  9. Seems I'm not the only one this happened to. now maybe you all at LavaSoft will listen to my other posts stating files and folders were deleted from my D drive without notice.
  10. Am I to assume my latest comment of having AdAware v11 remove, or hide several folders and files, on my hard drive, without giving prior notice, or indicate it in the logs, will be ignored by LS Andy and all the rest of LavaSoft personnel? I can assure all of you I didn't imagine it, as shown in the attached photos (in an earlier post) of one such instance, where a file, and folder doesn't show in the file explorer, but is there when opened in a different program. (this wasn't explained by Andy, just ignored too) As a note to Andy... The program AdAware deleted, as well as the others.. ARE PAID FOR, and fully owned by me. Not pirated..! And they were deleted by your software after a scan..! That's a fact..! the one I uploaded to you even shows my real name it's registered to. And CeciliaB can verify it's me, from when I sent her funds, as thanks for past help, thru PayPal, for a Pizza to her. I'd like to know why this incident is seemingly being ignored, or brushed-OFF ??? it did happen, I'm not making it up.
  11. Hi, OK... Thanks for looking. if it's not the scanned install file that caused any folders with other files to be deleted, I can't help feel AdAware v11 deleted them after using the "disinfect" option. i did have other folders before that, - that are gone now. even another totally different backup program from Western Digital (Acronis) was deleted, except for the original installer EXE. just the BootDisk.ISO and a USB Booter ISO I had saved in the same folder, were gone. maybe something is too aggressive with the "disinfect" option, and it removed all programs using the BootDisk.ISO's "autorun.exe" loader... I don't know, but I do remember having more directories and files listed under "A" and now it goes directly from these 2 "A" listings to "i" listings. well... Anyway, luckily I had many on backup elsewhere, as well as being able to get the paid stuff downloaded from the company, LSoft... but I still don't know if any others were also deleted, and lost forever, 'cause I didn't make a backup of all of my latest "D" drive stuff, at that time. i do know, for sure, I'm not ever going to use the "Disinfect" option again, and I usually use the "Quarantine" instead, ... Why I used disinfect that time, I'm still wondering.
  12. Hi Andy, I zipped the entire History Folder. (there are just 2 files in it) I'll send you a PM with the password to unzip it.
  13. Hi Andy, the other files I mentioned were from the Bootdisk.iso file, but when I recently lost internet access on my Win8 system, I deleted the 1st install of AdAware to eliminate the possibility it was blocking the access, and lost all the logs and Quarantined files from that installation. I've since re-installed it, but no past logs are seen. When AdAware v11 scanned the complete drive, that 1st time, ... and found all the files I mentioned with a virus, ... I tried using the option to disinfect, rather than Quarantine, or ignore. after I did this, I noticed other versions of this File Recovery program were also gone from their folders, as well as the entire folder being gone as well. i had another download of the updates to that original v9.5 (v10.5 and v11) -- --both of those were also removed from the drive when I selected the disinfect (or was it "clean") option. No mention in the AdAware log of them being taken off, or that they're suspicious files, and no warning they'd be removed, either. i know I put the files there because I downloaded the updates and put them on the D-drive. i do have two screen captures now, of what seems like one of my directories are being hidden. I opened a program called MagicISO, and saw it opened at the location last used, to load the one ISO BootDisk file I still seem to have from v10, that only shows the folder of where it is, in the MagicISO program search tree. On the C-drive after the original installation. if I look in that same location, using the windows file explorer, it doesn't show that folder. how's that possible? could AdAware v11 have hidden the folders from view, somehow, when doing the disinfecting after the scan? If so, is it possible they're still there? also, are any of the previous scan reports still on the drive, from that 1st install of AdAware v11..? i used the standard uninstall to remove it, and didn't delete the folder. Then, we can view what it saw... If not, please view the next two photos, and tell me how I can't see the folder where the File Recovery v10.5 BootDisk.ISO is,... using the windows file explorer, ... but the MagicISO can see it... something happened with this version of AdAware that never happened before with the others....I know I had those files and folders on there..! And it's spooking me out. Both captures taken at the same time. MagicISO sees the location... "ISO With Registered Key" --- Windows File Explorer doesn't see it.... Same location on both views..!
  14. Hi Andy, So the autorun.exe, (md5: 44ea31a350f662ad597c092a7bee2575) was the only one being detected as actually a False Positive? Because other files from that uncompressed original install .EXE file, also showed-up as being infected, and were deleted. But they weren't deleted from the "C" drive original install folder, rather, from the copy I made from that C-drive install, on to another folder on my D-drive. And that's also strange, because that autorun.exe file is in the updated v11 download of Active File Recovery Enterprise Edition, as well, unless it's a different md5: #, but AdAware v11 didn't see it as a threat when scanning that file download from Lsoft, stored on my D-drive. i think this file you got from me, was v9.5 and the first one I got, from Lsoft, that was downloaded using my iPad2 when I had iOS 5.1 on it. maybe you shouldn't remove this detection from the threat definitions yet. Did the autorun.exe file show signs of ANY type of threat? have you tried installing the software to see if other files get infected during the install process, - by copying that install folder to another drive, then scanning them there? it wasn't just ONE that AdAware v11 saw as Trojans and deleted. i may need to try scanning again to see if anything in the new v11 Active File Recovery shows anything, because even though it just logged this one versions files as being a threat, it still deleted all the other versions folders too, from my D-drive this is what's so strange to me. It took off all folders with all versions of the program I had stored on that D-drive, but didn't log it's removal to give me the option of removing or quarantine it. i even tried to recover the folders with the v11 recovery program, but there's no mention of those backups even being on that drive. I need to see this again...cause something very spooky happened regarding this. there were, definitely - the other versions (v10.x and the newer v11) along with the copied already decompressed, installed files, stored on the D-drive, but now they're all gone after the AdAware v11 first full scan of the entire computer.
  15. I found the problem with my Windows 8.1 issue of No Internet access. Hey LS Andy, and anyone else..! If you can't get onto the internet on one of your devices and it comes up as DNS error in Windows, I found a very good site that guides you through a check-list of things to try, first, before going crazy with things you may not have needed to do. After using the Diagnose option, built into Windows, it said it was a DNS Error, so I Google'd it... and found this link Maybe it will help others narrow-down the cause of their DNS errors too. EDITED- I also now now have my SSH VPN Tunnel fully working too, on public HotSpots around town, into my home computer, from my iPad2, using Bitvise WinSSHd v6.x.x. With UltraVNC v1.1.9.3 on the home PC. It was the easiest to config. (Both of these programs) Screw OpenSSH it's way to hard to use, and figure out to install/config, compared to the Bitvise product. and UltraVNC works with the iPad App called "Remoter" (on any iDevice, too)....really wild stuff..! one correction, in the post directly before this one.. I noticed calling the VPN connection, a "VNC" connection. Oops! it's VPN (Virtual Private Network) ... Guess I was sleepy during that post, and thinking of the UltraVNC program ...HaHa!