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  1. jeffce

    Uninstall tool

    Yep that was the one. Yeah it's a bit of a mess, but with ZeroAccess infections can you get anything less? I appreciate the help and advice on this. You have been a wonderful help.
  2. jeffce

    Uninstall tool

    The OP is running AdAware 10.1 but it is no longer found in Programs and Features so Revo Uninstaller won't work from what I understand. Any suggestions?
  3. jeffce

    Uninstall tool

    I certainly appreciate it! I see you saw me at another forum too. Don't be a stranger.
  4. jeffce

    Uninstall tool

    I think that OTL may be the route I have to go....AdAware AV is no longer showing up in Programs/Features or on the system outside of the logs created. So Revo won't work either if it's not seen in Programs/Features.
  5. jeffce

    Uninstall tool

    Ok thanks. I just wanted to be sure that there was not a specific uninstall program out there for all versions and mislead the OP. I appreciate the help.
  6. Hi everyone. My name is Jeffce and I am new here, but not to malware forums. I help in malware removal at many forums, but I have a question about AdAware Antivirus.... I have an OP that is not able to uninstall what seems to be a failed install of AdAware AV and I was wondering if there is any uninstall tool that is used or is it still Revo Uninstaller that is the preferred method of removing it?