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  1. Well I somehow deleted the adapter and don't have the CD or drivers available so I can't access through my desktop anymore. Not even in safe mode. Awesome.
  2. I keep having this error on my computer. Every time I start it up, it works for about 2 minutes, then pops up and tells me WUSB54GSC.exe has encountered an error and needs to close. So then my internet connectivity cuts out. It's frustrating. Attached are the DDS files. I tried updating Ad-Aware, but it keeps saying it's encountering a problem and won't update. I've also run scans through Registry Mechanic and I clean the system, but when I restart, the problems come back. Not sure what to do. One solution I came across was to delete the Linksys program file, and reinstall using a different port. I have the wireless adapter plugged into a USB port on the front of the computer, but I'm concerned that if I uninstall, just plugging that into a different port won't do anything since I don't know where the installation cd is. attach.txt dds.txt