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  1. Deactivate avas firewall and sunbelt,upload it back again,if nothing works....reformat the machine and upload everything back again.,i guess your equipment has too much trash...or some corrupt files too.
  2. Hey guys¡¡¡need some help here....dont know much about ''false positives''...dont want to delete them cause i really dont know what it is. Any help will be appreciate it¡¡¡ FP4OJY0S.txt WERI1HH4.txt
  3. I have version,the automatic schedule scan doesn't work properly just the quick,full and custom(manual)i already did the repair,but nothing happens...any advice please???this happens after i update to this new version,before that,was ok.Thanks¡¡¡
  4. Maybe....a pop up window that let us know when the AV is updating,that's will be great.