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  1. Well it just seems like the gui is increasingly having (only available in paid versions), greyed out parts, which are extremely clutterly and unuseful to the free users. Version 9 seemed fine, gui looked fine. Version 10 there were sliders that were grey and unuseful and it made it look ugly so people wanted version 9. Now version 12 has even more of the non-existant features for free version and that made it even more ugly. I know this is a marketing tactic, but I don't really see other AVs have this problem. At most they have a small popup or ad on the side to promote their product.
  2. Not a super big fan of the gui, no more control with settings either. I know it's business logic, but the buy, buy, buy interface is not going to make the interface pretty for the many free users.
  3. Will the next version be V11 or will it be V10.XX? If so, any details on V11?
  4. In product updater, meaning we can update the program to a new version, and it will be less hassle to re-install every time there is an available product update.
  5. Does Ad-Aware detect Windows 8 Defender and run as compatible mode upon install?
  6. Is there any errors that popup when you try to run it? Is there any D+ popups from Comodo?
  7. Alright thanks, hope the team looks into it.
  8. Yeah, even with cache Will it detect Comodo Internet Security 6 when it installs to get the OD version?
  9. Sigh, I have a folder that came with Windows and I need it for HP restore. This causes to extend the scan time to 6 hours.....
  10. Another; how do you exclude whole folders?
  11. Real-time protection should have choice of manual action or automatic action.
  12. Would it be OK if I stay with this version? Having no problems so far.
  13. 4. Yes, I know, but I would like if it would prompt first and let me choose the action I want instead of automatic. 2. Is there a changelog to that "minor" update? Thanks.