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  1. Just popped A-A 12 on for a quick evaluation, my main system so don't like running beta's Firstly, the main desktop & system tray icon? Yuk! Would of much preferred just the Shield without the Blob? around it LOL!. I like the Shield itself & the colors are nice but the blob around it kinda ruins it IMO. That icon is what represents Ad-Aware, it better be right Second, on the left hand side you have Home, Scan Computer, Real-time etc. buttons? Say you click on Web Protection? I'd like to see the little Earth Symbol? stay orange indicating where you are on that menu?. The pop-up's? for that menu are kind of annoying as well? they Protrude into whatever section your in? & easily get in the way. Now staying in Web Protection lets click on Advanced Settings. How do you Go Back? Their is no Go Back button or whatever? The only way to return to the previous menu is to go to the top & click on the tiny litter letters saying Web Protection? Other than that it installed on my Windows 10/64bit NP & everything seems fine TY.
  2. I'm sure its just an issue with Windows not recognising the new version of Ad-Aware & its components is all. I've had the very same issue with another AV program in the past.
  3. A Clear One Checkbox Option Yes or No to install a Toolbar. if No? Asked if you would like to also remove 'Ad-Aware Browsing Protection', that should always stay By Default. I Hate Toolbars & I hate having to go into programs & Un-Install it every time, because I can only Assume Unless you install even the basic toolbar you will Not have Browsing Protection installed?. & as always, a Fully Automatic Game/Full Screen Mode. I Hate & Never Bother having to Manually turn Game Mode on & off every time I play an MMO Multiple times per day, its a PITA & Should Be Fully Automatic like Many both Paid & Free AV have been for years now. TY. ;-)
  4. Well I managed to find an old version 10 to re-install & then to update to version 11 & entered my licence key & its not fully unlocking 11?. I restarted my pc etc.. The user interface shows/turned to the Pro version/blue color? but the taskbar icon, desktop icon & program folder icons all stay the free/orange color. also the Pro Firewall is no where to be seen etc.. contacted support... was a nightmare getting this far to post a reply, cant imagine why its so extremely slow for me & you see no problem?. even the LS website has been very slow all day wile going threw all this. the rest of my internet is lightning fast /shrug....
  5. BTW, the Forum is SLOW AS HELL to...
  6. Updated to version 11(own Pro) after fifty hang-up's & crashes?, & after all that? it's still shows version 10!?! LOL!... both the icon in the taskbar & the UI are version 10 still wile in the program files it shows version 11 & the desktop icon is also version 11 LOL!... I 'TRY' to uninstall it & now it shows nothing in the program files & the desktop icon is gone BUT! version 10 is still their in the taskbar & the UI opens & everything!?! LOL!. in the start menu? it still shows the old version 10 folder with only the uninstall icon? I try clicking that icon & it says it only works if it was installed etc.!?! LOL!. what a mess. could you link me the .exe for version 10? so I could try re-installing version 10 then un-installing it properly? then try installing 11 again?.
  7. Nope I own Pro, Software version Just hit 'Check for new version' & am still recieving the could not connect message. BTW?, Re-installing it did not help. Definitions seem to be downloading ok. No Worries Cecilia, just tryin to help
  8. Just to be clear, I already have Ad-Aware installed. Their are Two update options in Ad-Aware?, One for Definitions & One for the Program itself?, I was just saying the Program update is giving me that error message & I just checked & it still is.
  9. Hi Cecilia, My Definition update seems ok but the Program update gives the ‘Couldn't connect message. Must be an issue.
  10. TYVM for your reply Ann. Please consider a Fully Automatic Game/Fullscreen Mode in future. Many AV/FW programs already have this in place including Avast Free, AVG Free, Outpost Free, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Panda AV-Pro, HitmanPro, to name a few, all have fully automatic Game Modes. A Manual Game Mode is Useless & might as well not be their IMO as I've already described in detail, I wont be bothered to use it as I'm sure most wouldent. As I feared, turning it on & off ten times a day your bound to forget it on etc.?, this would leave your PC at risk. Manual just dosen't work.
  11. Ya MSE is the worst their is right now & the scary thing is? its the number one used AV 'Product' in the World!?!... According to Opswats latest report. http://www.opswat.co...s-december-2012 You'd be Crazy to use it over Ad-Aware
  12. Ok Great TY. I'm not playing any PC games right now so was just curious. Catching up on XBOX LOL!, but I will be... I don't want to enable it right now just in case it is 'manual' & it would suppress all alerts etc.. The user guide doesn't explain much unfortunately. I’d love to know if its meant to be Enabled & left Enabled?, & when a game or full screen application is detected it then automatically kicks in type thing?(I Hope).
  13. I'd recommend maybe running something like HitmanPro to see if your not already infected with something nasty?. You can run a scan for free. Also Emsisoft for example has a good Malware removal tool that is also free. No AV is going to stop everything every time, those two free tools are among the best at digging stuff up & then removing it. As far as Microsoft Security Essentials?, I'd Highly Recommend sticking with Ad-Aware over that. Right now? their is no Worse AV on the Planet then MSE! LOL!. Please Trust me on that one. its Failing Independent Lab Tests so Badly that its not even getting an F- !?!, Its also just recently Failed to get Certification from one of the major labs, Please look for yourself B4 choosing it over Ad-Aware?. Its Bad.