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  1. Hi again, I dont have a short, I have long one instead, though its 50%/50% russian/english ( very funny to read though ). To make things short - post's doesn't refer to exactly USBfix or iusb3mon.exe, yet, - in first one USBFix is mentioned as one of the tools for manual hardware/software recombination. In second - as a possible tool ( quite a vague reference, it also has *.reg extension, so maybe is totally and entirely something else ) for manual creation of boot version of a certain OS ( ) on a flash USB drive made to load from BIOS included. As for iusb3mon.exe - no reference at all towards Popupetc... Quite a mystery Tem
  2. Hmm... Ermm... I see... Well technically - It doesnt affect system at all, pretty much. And no quantity of network monitring shows any kind of system transgession ('s ) to something it shouldn't be. And I assume no data of any kind is being send somewhere or anywhere.( not sure about this though - didn't use any specific monitoring tools ( there was no need, till late ) ). Oh, also I speak and know russian, - so I browsed that part of the internet - found something referring to modding and programming ports. I can provide you with URL If you have a wish ( the screenshots of system meesages are in english apart the forum messages itself ). If You DO have a wish I advise you to use Full Security. You know - going in armed to the teeth. Russian forums are quite the frifgtening expirience. Starting from level of proframming up to the messages itself. Its of tghe topic though - if you'll have a wish I'll be more precise and make a few examples of ...expiriences. In any case - there was information it has something to do with the serials ( Yeah - if not for the "PopupMessageAp" ). Also I assume that your knowledge in this is far greater than mine so I guess it still remains just assumptions and guesses from my side. By the way - I think I'm going for a record in 2013 Ahh, almost frogot, I applogize for not using DDS. I guess I'm the type "Trust No One" ( No, I'm not a fan of X-Files ). Not to the point of paranoia though, but close enough. It's a bit unpleasant for me to use it - leaves not much of a pleasant feeling. Though of course if it'll be totally necessary - no complaints from me. Better, I beleive, then the possibilyty of system crash. Sincerely Tem
  3. Miitsketaa!! Ghm... I mean I found It. ( 3 seconds later ) P.S. 4 posts\replies total for the last 4 hours. I feel like I've beaten my record for the year 2012. P.P.S. Hmm... That also means I've beaten my record that was before The Apocalypse. ( deep thought ) Sorry, I guess that was unneeded. Couldn't withold myself from a joke though. Awaiting guidance.
  4. Don't have nusb3mon.exe. Have ( attachment ) though. Went with HP system, drivers package. Using HP laptop.
  5. Greetings, I apologize for not replying for long. About System Tray Cleaner - no. I'm not using it. Screenshot is of regedit. Ermm.. When I said "Tried to delete it" I meant "Tried to delete {B2CB09FF-2453-4f85-9F40-21C05BE4CBA8} in regedit" I aplogize again for not beeing precise. Thank you for your help. Also I'm quite busy over the month and next several to be, so my next reply could also take long. Best regards. Artem
  6. > Greetings, > > Found something in my registry as > HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\{B2CB09FF-2453-4f85-9F40-21C05BE4CBA8} ( screenshot attached ) that is not recognized by ad-aware. Googled it - seems something as a trojan or a virus. Tried to delete it - restores after every reboot. Did full ad-aware scan - haven't found anything. > I'm using free edition as of currently. > > Artem.