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  1. Don't get your hopes up. http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=98&st=80 John
  2. Ground Control to Major Tom, Any luck with this problem yet? 3 months and no adaware se, is this still unresolved? john
  3. The post that would not die continues, new defs from you guys Tueday. Downloaded new defs, chkdisc'd, deleted temp files, defragged. STILL stalls out at shared dll's. Will there be a solution coming? SE was so good for so long and now since April I have not completed a scan, man!
  4. Installed new definitions today, dumped temporary internet files, ran chk dsk. Still stalled at shared dll's. Have not had a successful Adaware scan since 4/18. Webroot SpySweeper and Spybot still work well, but I miss Adaware SE. Endeavoring to persevere!
  5. Check Disk was the first thing I tried based on advice here on the first page of this thread that will not die. Thanks for the idea though.
  6. This is a topic of my own, I started it. Been fighting it since mid april still no solution. I have sent log files and regmon files straight to LS Steve 4 times. It's XP Home. Thanks for your attempt at help but why should I start another thread.
  7. New defs again today, down-loaded, semi-hopeful. STILL STALLS out at shared DLLS. Will there be a solution forth coming or should I but adaware with my 8 track tapes. Please advise. What for two years had been a faithful program seems to be unable to operate. I have defragged, chk disked, un-installed, re-installed twice. Filemoned, Regmoned, should I try the Polka?
  8. Installed new defs, today. Thought maybe you guys found glitch. Still stalls out at shared DLL'S. Will there be a solution to this coming any time soon?
  9. I knew that, I was just teasing you. Never been able to do that trans-atlantically before. You guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty looking into this as far as I am concerned.
  10. sorry to be getting annoying. Filemon log sent. thanks
  11. Updated definitions just now. Ran SE without filemon, stopped at shared dll's. Ran with filemon, stopped at shared dll's, saved log. Turned off Norton anti-virus ran SE, no such luck. Would you like to look at version 3 of my filemon log? Thanks, John
  12. I have chkdsk'd, defragged, un-installed, re-installed, filemoned, still hangs. Any clues in my logs?
  13. On the top bar of this posting screen there is a hot button for insert link, insert e-mail, and insert pic. No full edit that I see. I can wait, until you get to the office. Get well and get some rest. Thanks, John
  14. I see where to insert a link, photo, or e-mail but how do I insert a file? Do not feel that you have to work when you are sick for me. Thanks
  15. Updated definitions again today, still SE is unable to get past current user, shared dll's. Any clues in the logs I sent?