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  1. Dear CeciliaB Thanks for the fast reply. Email was already sent. My question refers only to this forum. It seems to be dead ... Cheers Sarakael
  2. What's on here ? :glare: Looks like a ghost ship or a dead end Am I wasting my time or will it go on soon? Anyhow Have a great day! Sarakael
  3. Hello, email was sent on February 6, 2013 12.36. Have a nice weekend! Sarakael
  4. Hello! I'm Sarakael a (hobby) translator; English GB/ US into German. The last 3 years I wrote for IObit, but it's over, so I'm searching for a new job as a translator (volunteer). And I think you need someone (have a look to the pic below ...). It would be nice to get an answer. Have a nice day! Sarakael