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  1. I removed ALOT Appbar (I have no idea what that was) and the AVG Toolbar, as instructed. I also removed the "left-overs" from the previous AVG install. The wireless, network connection issues may either be related to my trip to Puerto Rico or the fact that I recently changed the router and DHCP addressing scheme on my home router. I certainly hope it is not a hard drive issue, that hard drive is fairly new (less than two years old). I do, however, back up my drives regularly to my home server. The only thing that remains on your list is the “Display-Link” and “CCleaner”. Display-Link is a USB to HDMI “video card” so that I can connect my computer to my HD tv. Is there a way to figure out if that is my issue and fix it? Also, I installed CCleaner to try and troubleshoot the slow issue on my own before coming to this forum. Thanks, David
  2. My Dell Inspiron 1501 has started running very slow lately. Even watching youtube or VLC videos causes the system to slow down to a crawl and sometimes crash or at least start the video over from the beginning. The issues persist even when the computer is totally disconnected from the internet (tried to watch a saved movie while I was on a plane). Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! David attach.txt dds.txt