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  1. Hi Cecilia - thanks for replying. Attached is the latest log file. Also, I ran Secuina and got a score of 93% and was left with 5 programs that couldn't be updated (adobe acrobat 9.x - which says it's not found or something, adobe flash - which is in use, photoshop, python 2.7x - no clue what that is, and something called microsoft xml core services 4.x). And I also changed my UAC settings to "always notify" - thanks for pointing that out! Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you so much!
  2. Hi - adaware has been reporting that something named "7fasst" has been found. There's only one entry, and it's only found during a full search (not during a quick scan). It always finds it within the first couple minutes of the full scan, and it always comes back even though I select "delete". I haven't installed anything except updates to trusted programs, and I haven't visited any shifty/unknown websites. I'm basically not seeing any symptoms of this except that my wireless keyboard has been slow, but I think that's more the keyboard than the computer. Nothing weird in my browsers or any redirects - it's basically been business as usual. I've ran other anti spyware scans and they're not reporting anything. I searched on these forums and someone reported that it was a false positive from the radarsync toolbar - except that I don't use (or have ever used) said toolbar. Can someone please help and let me know if this is a legitimate threat...? Thanks. P.S. - I have the latest threat definitions - was just updated today, actually. dds.txt attach.txt