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  1. Thanks, I added the qdf data file, the qw.exe file and the qdf extension to the scanning exception lists and it did not seem to affect Real Time scanning. Maybe that will affect regular scans, but my response times are still the same. Back to the drawing board
  2. When Real Time Protection is turned on, my Quicken Data file takes 8 minutes to load up. Granted, it is 35 Meg, but an eight minute wait is pretty ridiculous. This happens if the file is on a remote network storage drive or local drive. The hard drive light is solid for about 8 minutes. Any register action takes a few minutes to get through. But response time comes back the very second I turn off Real Time Protection. I've tried adding application rules for qw.exe on the Networking menu like support suggested with no luck. I've even forced the name of the data file into the Allowed application list. Nothing seems to resolve the problem. Has anyone else had a similar problem with Real Time Protection and any type of large file, not just a Quicken file?
  3. "Your computer has been locked"-Moneypak ransomware. This got installed on my system and AdAware did not catch the signature. It is ransomware that gets added to the computer startup.