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  1. In reply to this thread, I'd like to request that you remove or let us hide the annoying popup that shows when ad-aware is minimized. I am seeing this popup every single time I start my machine because I have the ad-aware icon set to "only show notifications". The message is useless and shown too frequently, it is annoying me to the point that I am thinking about removing your software. Please remove it or let me check a box that stops it from displaying in the future.
  2. I like to keep all non-critical notification area icons set to "only show notifications". This means that Ad-Aware will be minimized at every system startup, thereby showing in this annoying popup very single time I start up my machine. Please remove this annoying and also condescending message, I know programs can work in the background. A good way to fix this would be a checkbox in the popup that would stop the message from being shown in the future. Thanks, Patrick