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  1. Hi Cecilia, Sorry for that. The Lavasoft logo is confusing because it makes the forum look like something formally connected with the company. As to your questions, I did everything according to instructions, including turning off the browser first. Using adwcleaner actually cleaned my system for a while, and then the Lavasoft Search came up again, which means that malware is installed somewhere in the system, that makes that happen. Short of suing Lavasoft I have tried everything else I could think of or was suggested in the web.
  2. I am thoroughly frustrated. I installed AdAware Free 10.5, which I have immediately uninstalled. However, the LavaSoft Secure Search has replaced my Google search in all my browsers. I have removed it using the anti-malware Adwcleaner, and that has helped for a while, but now it is back on all my PCs and browsers. I use Chrome, Firefox and EI. There must be a way to stop this from happening and it is not in the best interest of your company to become so intrusive that people will consider you a malware (which is my feeling toward the Lavasoft Search right now). Please provide clear instructions for removing it once and for all from all browsers. Thank you.