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  1. Well, it seems folks at Lavasoft have become ....too blissfully Ad-UNaware... of their product!! It grew from a few megabytes to 100's of MB, and goes on forever blissfully ...shuffling bytes...spinning wheels...grabbing all cpu resources ...or whatever else it is doing, undoing ... but totally UN-aware of its purpose? Lavasoft has lost its mission or purpose...?
  2. If that is the case, nothing can be running! It was not like this before, a couple of years ago. Also, I'm finding that the (Applying) update is taking forever! i.e. after completing huge downloads. What's going on with Ad-Aware program??? One of the things, selling features were that it was faster than the competition. Whatever happened. ...Now, it seem is all just doing is spinning wheels, for what, I don't know? Now, who would think of buying, paying for it??
  3. I updated (re-installed the latest), after completely uninstalling the previous version. But, when I run it, it is running really, really, D*mn sloooooow! Its still running on C: drive even after -------- 4 hrs 30 mins!!!!!! -- @object scanning is at 62K I've never seen Ad-aware so sloooow! BTW, the total number of files/objects to be scanned, more or less has been always around ~70K Whats' going on?? Please let me know. --
  4. Thanks for the help on cookies, and cookiewall. I still would like to know what does # of hits in Ad-aware report signify? Thank you in advance for your reply. -polaris
  5. Since cookie is a small file meant to report my 'activity' whatever that meant by the dataminer is programmed to perform that tracking. But, in the comments column it says 'Hits = xx', some number. What does exactly mean by that number? Is that the number of times it 'reported' back to its source, owner? or number of items of pieces of info about my browsing track of somekind, or whatever? What exactly it signifies? If I did, for example a creditcard purchase, or logging on to a bank account, does that (a hit by dataminer) mean it has got my cc number or password or banking info? How can I be sure the cookie - dataminer residing on my computer didn't stole it? But, that information, i.e. the number of hits is somehow doesn't show up in the logfile, I don't know why? Thanks for clarifying, -polaris