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  1. Does it only do this while in IE or is it doing this with Chrome, and Firefox?
  2. More links malware list 4-23-2013.txt
  3. More malicious sites 4-22-2013.txt
  4. More links malware list 4-18-2013.txt
  5. More links and a couple of downloads that i cant classify.. malware list for 4 15 2013.txt
  6. Dumb things tend to fix this issue in my experience... Restart of my computer, turning internet off then back on. It is hard to help though without any information.
  7. All the inks for 3 days. Malicious
  8. My 2 lists can be downloaded from here This is a safe download not like that matters but some people question.... I have today's and yesterdays I will update it daily.
  9. I will link on my website where to download the text file that contains my list. Apparently having them on my site the google crawler will recognize it as a malicious site and shut me off. So i will place a link on my website to go to my media fire download list to were you can download my daily list.
  10. New update this is one of the worst scams I have ever seen, The link if blocked sends the information to as many advertising networks (like ad sense but not that one) when my page loads all i see is sending info here here here here and it goes on for a while. It is sending me to 30+ different sites and the script when blocked reruns itself to try and get past the block. I have seen scareware ransomware trojans and forms of spyware from this
  11. Blocked from the search engine and it should be only available through links.
  12. Little quick update not sure what you guys can do with this but. There is an app that is known as Sociable and thousands of bloggers use the app so there site can be shared to many social networks. There is a redirect, unsafe ads, and possible malware infection reported. I don't know what you guys can do to test it but i will do this. I have a dummy website I don't use it anymore and I am going to place the infected gadget on there. So that way you guys can test it and report on it.
  13. I will try to do this daily and if it is not here (WARNING PLUGIN) they will be on my site. Can i do that put a link like that or is it wrong someone tell me....
  14. List is very simple the ip below the site is tied to the above site not the one below! I will update daily on here and on my site. If this is okay I will keep a list like this on my computer and my website.. Unless you don't want me sharing the list I will not do so. ALSO PLEASE REALISE THESE LINKS ARE MALICIOUS AND CAN HARM THE COMPUTER DON'T CLICK ON ANY OF THEM UNLESS YOU HAVE A PROPER SETUP SUCH AS A VIRTUAL MACHINE BE CAREFUL! :excl: Also some of the links might be dead if so I am sorry for the waste of time. Today For me 4/10/2013 I am NOT going to guess the malware type I am not a security expert I don't know how to identify it. So sorry for that in advance i;downlt %2F%2F;br%2Fgt%2F%2F; List is very simple the ip below the site is tied to the above site not the one below!
  15. It is compatible with it and I tested using Ad Aware 10 free Spyblaster 5.0 Spybot Search And Destroy 2 All 3 work and are compatible. Once I find a decent firewall (probably Online armor) I am set. Just Remeber In Spybot to turn off the system integration settings and you will be just fine. With the system integration I noticed no real issues but windows action center recommended that I turned it off. Thank you for the help Cecilia