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  1. It's annoying that suspected items are moved to quarantine automatically when manually scanning, with no apparent means of adjusting this behaviour (well, not in the manual, the help, or the FAQ). I want to choose (ask, ignore, quarantine, delete, disinfect, etc). I know too many cases where AV programs have "healed" infections, which later turn out to be false positives, (or worse; "healed" false positives inside databases, thoroughly corrupting the database) or "moved" files that should not be moved (whether false positive or not), particularly when this causes another program to crash and burn. My STRONG preference is for tools to allow me to decide on the required action. My strong preference is for an AV tool to do nothing that may cause data loss in another application - and moving files without asking can definitely do that. Only the user has the context to make that call. I can understand a real-time scanner needing to prevent access to an infected file; but I'm not using the real-time scanner (I use another solution). [Even on the real-time scanner, I'd like the choice]. Other AV products offer a choice of default action, (and of the action at the time of scan).