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  1. Hi-I noticed my computer running slow within the last week or two. I decided to do a run on ad-aware, and the results came up with a trojan virus titled Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT. I quarantined it, but have no idea how to get rid of it! My adaware program says the trace is in my C:\Documents and Settings\*My Folder with my name*\Downloads\Media PlayerInstaller.exe I went into that file, and could not find it! I don't know exactly what to do as I cannot find it, but I want to get rid of and remove it from my computer... I just want it gone, and I have no idea what to do... I believe it came from a link on facebook that I clicked on that prompted me to "update my flash/video player", and then after I had done so, nothing had happened... I thought it seemed weird, and I think thats where it came from, however, I dont remember what the file is called, and it is not in my downloads folder... I dont know what to do... Please help... Any would be great... Thank You