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  1. Dear sirs, I was wondering if someone could please address this post? We would really appreciate your assistance. Kind regards,
  2. Hi, We are in the process of releasing an updated version of windows application MRAPP. I have attempted to upload our new binaries to but have been unsuccessful. Therefore, may I please ask you to download them via the following direct links and add them to your white list? Experian Hitwise is working on a new initiative with other market research companies (our partners) to recruit panelists to online research panels. When a qualified panelist joins a panel our partners will ask the panelist to download & install a Windows application on their computers, which will primarily log information about the websites that panelists visit. MR App is that application and it is released by another Experian entity named Digitalmarketresearchapps. MR App is not bundled with any other software. It is only downloaded as a result of a consumer’s wish to join a market research panel, typically in exchange for an incentive. Panelist candidates will have the opportunity to read both Privacy Notice and End User License Agreement before they opt into the panel. Our app will only be installed when a candidate panelist expressly opts into both documents. - SimmonsConnect - VOP Notify - ERI Notify Is it also possible that I am alerted when they have been white listed after submission, thanks.