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Found 25 results

  1. hi, i have been trying to get an activation code since yesterday but being unsuccessful, i'm here. My problem is that, i'm not receiving any registration key or any message in my email from Adaware nor any option to click when i don't receive such promissory activation key. i have checked spam/junk folders in my email but they are nowhere to be found, clicked resend email as much i could and tried restarting my PC hoping it might solve my problem, i even tried using many email ids but no.... please help if you could.
  2. I try to get my free activation key but i never get my the activation key at all.....
  3. hi, i tried to activate this antivirus, but could not do so. They said that email containing activation key has been sent to my email. i checked but there was nothing, i waited for 5 hours but got nothing. kindly help me in this regard. Thanks.
  4. hi i can't activate my ad aware this is what it said : your activation could not be complete , please try again later please help
  5. My AdAware installation has been activated, I can see the configured key in the settings. Yet on a regular basis it creates a popup asking me to "complete registration". It takes me to a page where I can install AdAware, but I already have it! I've also tried updating, but that also only takes me to an installation website, instead of updating the software. This is interrupting my work and driving me crazy, if this can't be turned off I'll have to uninstall. And I imagine many people already uninstalled for this reason. This is totally broken.
  6. No one in the forum have access to the internal databases with the customers and licenses of adaware software. Problems with activation of paid versions of adaware antivirus must therefore be handled by the customer support team, where the staff can check the databases. Since the normal way of contacting the support, which is through the menu in the adaware antivirus program, isn't enabled until the activation is done, you can send them an email or contact them through Facebook. Email address: [email protected] Facebook: You need to check the spam and/or junk folders in the web mail, since sometimes the reply is considered as spam by your email provider. If you haven't received a reply within 48 hours, you can start a topic in the forum and send me a PM with your email address and license key. I'll then inform my contact person at adaware software (but not in the support team), who will contact the support team and ask why no reply has been sent to you.
  7. I recently bought the adware pro, and when I type in the activation key it says "activation failed" even though I know I'm typing it in successfully, what do I do?
  8. Hi, Im trying to activate Adaware. i got the license key but when i put it in, it keeps saying activation failed. Logs and details attached. Note: i excluded the msi_cache folder in C:\ProgramData\adaware\adaware antivirus as this would of brought the Zip file to over 300MB. Thanks adaware
  9. I cannot activate Ad-Aware 11 free. I always get a failure message.
  10. Hi, I am Nandan V and I just downloaded the adaware antivirus. I received an activation key but whenever I enter it I am getting an error stating failed to activate. I do not have a serial key so I cannot register on the adaware site too. I have no clue what to do.
  11. I am not recieving my activation key emails. I have tried two weeks straight, and two different email addresses, and no it is not in my junk email folders. Is there anything to do, or just find another program? What it seems like is that the request site is not working. Is anybody else having this issue? Chip
  12. Please help with activation. Code fails repeatedly. Ad-Aware
  13. Hi, Could you please send me a PM which includes an activation key for Ad-Aware 11 Free? Why am I asking? Because I want to manually activate Ad-Aware Antivirus 11 Free, please. My e-mail: (deleted) Product affected: Ad-Aware 11 Free Thank you, Benjamin "Ben" Edge (RogerHodgsonFan1)
  14. I'm following the guide post on how to get the registration to work for me, i can't seem to get it going clint-side (the activation and key retrieval) For some reason, the zipped ad-aware file thingy got huge and i can't attach it. System
  15. If you get the error message Activation failed. Your activation could not be completed, please try again later., please perform the following four steps: 1.Proxy Server Please, check that no proxy server is used in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Goggle Crome and Firefox (if you have it): Start Internet Explorer. In the Tools menu select Internet options, followed by Connection tab and then click the LAN Settings button. If the check box Use a proxy server for your LAN (These settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections) is selected, please remove it Start Firefox. Select Options in Tools menu, followed by Advanced and Network tab, and then Settings. Select No proxy or Use system proxy settings. Try to activate Ad-Aware again. If successful, you can stop here. 2. Log Files Please, collect logs and other information by following the instructions in to let Lavasoft investigate your problem. 3. Activation Request File Please, download the attached file and save it on the desktop. Right-click the file and select Extract all. Start the program within the extracted folder, and this window will be displayed: Click on text Create Activation Request File .... This window will be displayed: Select Open... and then click on button Next. Please, create a compressed folder (zip file) of the created Activation Request file (.opi). 4. New Topic Please, create a new topic in the forum: Describe your problem and attach: Logfiles from step 2 Activation Request File from step 3
  16. I am unable to activate AdAware 11. I get an error saying Activation failed and to try again. If I try and send a support email through the app it also fails.
  17. wyatt

    Activation Failed

    I just downloaded the newest version, tried registration, but failed. got help from CeciliaB and get the activation key, still no success. got an 'Activation Failed'. I have collected all requested files and attached. hope someone can help me fixing the issue. Thanks Ad-Aware
  18. I can't seem to find where to configure the proxy settings (address, port, login and password) in Ad-Aware. They are properly set up in IE. I used both the automatic proxy.pac configuration and a manual entry. It seems it is therefore impossible to activate or update the product/definitions.
  19. I've just updated my software to the latest version and having trouble with activation. I enter the activation code then I'm asked for a four digit code. What is the four digit code? Is it for parental control? I don't remember ever setting such a code and don't know what it is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Mike
  20. Hi: I have installed it today and when I try to obtain a new license for it I receive a "Registration Failed" message and It says to me that I can retry It in some minutes. I am retrying it since 06:00 a.m. and I am receiving the same message. Please, help me !
  21. Is it just me or do others think that Lavasoft are making a big mistake in not fixing the activation issues for the Adaware free product. A simple Google search shows thousands of people have not been able to activate their Ad-aware product. Many forums are suggesting people change products. This seems dumb, unless we are seeing a sign of a deeper issue within Lavasoft. If a security company can't get simple processes correct, this could indicate a similar attitude towards the products they produce. Lavasoft - I'm sure you read these forum posts. Why can’t you fix the activation issue! Before you ask, NO, I am not going to send you a e-mail or screen shot of the problem. I am not going to ask you to manually activate my product. Why? ..... because in your responses to the same questions within the forums that is all you ever seem to ask. I like the product, and have used it from its early beginnings. I would really like to keep using it, but this issue puts users trust in the product into serious doubt. I hope you find this firm and honest post productive and Lavasoft fix the problem properly. Just so you understand. The situation is: Configuration is Windows 64 Ultimate Have tried activating the product almost weekly for over a month, so it cannot be an overloaded activation server. If it is, BUY new servers and take this seriously. Shut down firewall, and no other security products turned on Email has been received several times from Lavasoft with the same code. This is cut and pasted into the activation form, but get an error message about Activation failing showing in red font. Never had an issue in the past with the same build There are no other issue on the build
  22. In July, I ordered Lavasoft Total Security...which never worked properly. Lavasoft offered to give me Adaware Pro 10.3 as a replacement, instructed me to uninstall Total Security, and sent a link for me to download 10.3...which I did. After installing 10.3, I noticed I still needed the activation code (registration code?) in order run the thing. I immediately contacted Lavasoft. I have been trying to get the activation code for the past three days. Yesterday, I was promised that the code would be sent today. But it is 2PM on 12 Nov, and I am still waiting for that code. This is Day Three. What kind of "support" is this?
  23. I keep getting the "Activation Failed". I've had to use the key I got a few times because I've had to reinstall Windows. I'm guessing that I've used it too many times, but I'm not sure if there's a limit. I only have one email address and I've used it for my laptop (which is activated), but my desktop doesn't want to activate. It was fine the first time, but I had to reinstall Windows a while back. Now it won't activate.
  24. Every time I attempt to activate free Ad Aware 10.2 I get Activation failed. I got a new key sent, same problem Ad Awarw and Ad Aware Service are added to Windows Firewall exceptions though I never got a firewall exception. I am not using a proxy server. I have tried at different times, but so far no success. Jim
  25. Dear Lavasoft: I am having a lot of trouble activating my Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ product today. I have pasted in the code that was given to me and I clicked Activate but it said Activation failed: We cannot process your key right now. Our sincere apologies or something like that. Nothing should be wrong with my Internet connection. If anyone can help me here, that would be appreciated. Sincerely, Nathan Koepke