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Found 7 results

  1. When I start my system I got this notification stating ‘Another instance is running’ ‘object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ I removed Lavasoft. Now I get this popup while starting the system: Another instance is running. The type initializer for 'WebCompanion.UI.AppCore.Service.InstallerService' threw an exception. Please do the needful to correct this. I tried to remove it but could not find ‘Web Companion’ in add remove program in my Windows 7.
  2. Is it possible to configure what the security pin blocks? For example it seems to be blocking a user from starting a Quick Scan, I find this behavior to be unwanted. Is there a way to only block configuration changes? Thanks
  3. I've been trying to uninstall my copy of Ad-Aware 11 from my Lenovo T61 running Windows 7 Pro 32-bit, and every time I do it disables all my network devices and I lose connectivity. I've seen the topic for XP and Vista but I can't find anything in the Support Forums dealing with this problem in Windows 7. Will one of those fixes work with Win 7? Images (2) attached of Device Manager before and after uninstallation......thanks.
  4. Dear Lavasoft: I am having a lot of trouble activating my Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ product today. I have pasted in the code that was given to me and I clicked Activate but it said Activation failed: We cannot process your key right now. Our sincere apologies or something like that. Nothing should be wrong with my Internet connection. If anyone can help me here, that would be appreciated. Sincerely, Nathan Koepke
  5. Okay I read a few topics and I am having the SAME ISSUE.... I PURCHASED Ad-Aware Personal Security off the site earlier today because I have started noticing pop-up ads on my laptop within the last week or so, I have downloaded ad-aware and NOTHING I un-installed and tried downloading in safe mode w/ networking and normally still NOTHING I re-tried the last few steps multiple times I also been running anti-virus scans and it detects a few cookies and malware here and there but then again NOTHING. I also tried doing it disabling my anti-virus software and still NOTHING. Im running Windows 7, SP1, 64 bit My anti-virus software is Symantec Endpoint Protection Can I please have assistance?
  6. For the past few days, Ad-Aware update manager keeps being stopped from starting by an error message. Tried downloading and reinstalling the Ad-Aware software, but it didn't help.
  7. Hi! I just wanted to say: Great Job with Ad-Aware security toolbar! I've tested it on the newest 20 malware links from [b]malwaredomainlist[/b].[b]com[/b], with 18 out of 20 success blocks! Ad-Aware 10 free(beta) got another one, on the way down. One sample was missed and sent to the virus lab. That's just a great result for a security toolbar.Nice!