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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! I am encountering an issue with Adaware. When running a full scan, Adaware detected a virus but seems to be unable to quarantine, delete, or otherwise handle it. I've tried running Adaware a few times, and other programs as well, but the threat remains. Please have a look at my report XML and advise on how to handle if you are able. adaware_Report_Full_Manual_11-23-2018 105901 AM.xml
  2. I ran a scan and a trojan was identified. Afterwards I realized that the trojan was connected to an email in my .pst outlook file and that my entrire outlook was now gone. I have been trying without success to restore the file. I accepted the suggested action and under the report results it says that 6 files were Quaratined. Under the "Objects Detected" tab it says the Action Taken is "Moved" But there is no option to select a box and restore the item as there usually would be if it were quarantined. How do I find the deleted pst file and restore the file? You help is very much appreciated.
  3. Good morning, So far Ad-Aware Free Antivirus 11+ (currently on version 11.3.6321.0) has been doing a good job, is lighter on system resources than AVG 2015, and starts in a relatively short time on system start. This is running on a pretty standard Dell PC tower, with a Core2 Duo, 6 gigs of ram, Windows 7 Pro w/ SP1 (fully updated and patched), a pretty run-of-the-mill selection of apps, and very few things loading on start-up, save for Ad-Aware, print monitor utility, and USB 3.0 add-in card drivers and monitor. The one big problem I seem to be having is with folders in my Exclusions list being scanned, and files in those folders being put into Quarantine. I have an external hard drive with some testing work on it. Some of those files raise red flags with A-V scanners, so I initially added the entire drive letter to the Manage Exclusions section. It is still there if I go back and look, so that seems okay. Every time I plug in the external drive, Ad-Aware starts identifying and moving files on that drive into Quarantine, so I have to go into Quarantine and Restore them all. I thought that perhaps Ad-Aware doesn't do so well with a whole drive letter (I've seen a couple other A-V programs where you couldn't add just a drive letter, only folders), so I went to the Manage Exclusions list and added each folder on the root of the drive. I figure that it would automatically include any sub-folders in that directory, since there is no selectable option one way or the other, and it would obviously be a huge pain if you had to add (potentially) dozens or hundreds of folders manually, depending on how much content you wanted to exclude. The results are the same: every time I plug in this external drive, Ad-Aware still quarantines files from those excluded folders. Am I still missing some setting somewhere or setting it up incorrectly, or is this a bug in the program? Thanks in advance for any help, Steve p.s. Apologies for the grammatical error in the title - apparently the title cannot be edited...
  4. After a quick scan, my Ad-Aware found a trojan, while opening the report on it, I found the directory given to me by the antivirus where the trojan would have been found to be a fake (the "Quarantine" obviously is real, just not the directory for 'Traces'). Such directory doesn't exist on my PC. Now I've been looking into the configuration files of Ad-Aware, and for example the file wich holds the details on the Quarantine section for such trojan, explicitly set up such directory as 'fake' on its own. Is there a way I can find the true origin of the trojan on my computer once detected and before it was transferred to the Quarantine section, and any potential infection on my computer through Ad-Aware virus scan/reports?
  5. I'm using Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + version and I have several threats in the quarantine folder. I do not understand how to remove them. There are buttons that say "restore" and "delete selected" but I'm not sure if "delete selected" actually deletes the file from the computer or if it just removes the file/threat from the computer. Where is this mystical quarantine folder anyway and how does it work? When ad-aware detects a threat to quarantine, does it actually physically move the threat into an actual quarantine folder? How do I locate and ensure that I am permenantly removing quarantined files??? In the quarantine it says that I have this item Trojan-Clicker.HTML.RemoteScript (v) here C:\Users\Mateo\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\5ybahnn3.default\Cache\5\6B. What do I have to do to get rid of it permenantly. Bottom line, while viewing the list of quarantined items, does highlighting it and clicking "delete selected" remove the files from the computer or just from that list?
  6. win-xp / sp3 ad-aware free 9.6.0 extended-engine-version: 3.1.2770 want to restore quarantined file. updated definitions last night . . . ran full-scan . . . ad-aware quarantined a file. i opened ad-aware interface and went to scan / quarantine / clicked the file under family-category [i](no highlight)[/i] . . . chose "[color=#800000]restore[/color]" from drop-down menu . . . clicked "[color=#800000]perform action now[/color]" . . . nothing happened. clicked the file under object-category[i](no highlight)[/i] . . . chose "[color=#800000]restore[/color]" from drop-down menu. . . clicked "[color=#800000]perform action now[/color]" . . . nothing happened. i closed down the interface and opened it again . . . no change. fwiw . . . the file is listed in both the quarantine and ignore tabs. the scan-log states the item was a file as opposed to folder or reg-entry or etc. there is a 1kb *.aawquif file located in [color=#800000][size=4]C:\ Documents and Settings\ All Users\ Application Data\ Lavasoft\ Ad-Aware\ Quarantine[/size][/color] . . . the true file was probably 100+kb . . . renaming the *.aawquif file will not bring return the file-size to what it had been. other relevant / pertinent info in the log : Engine: 3 Clean status: Success Item ID: 1 Family ID: 0 MD5: so . . . now what to do ? i want to restore the quarantined file.