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Found 3 results

  1. I ran AdAware 11 Pro scan and it claimed I had a virus, so promptly deleted my entire Outlook.pst folder/file. I can now not start Outlook as it cannot fine the file. I can find no way to recover this file. I phoned AdAware and the technician says I must buy another program to get my file back. NO WAY this is extortion. How do I get this file and my emails back? Why does AdAware not have an undo function?
  2. win-xp / sp3 ad-aware free 9.6.0 extended-engine-version: 3.1.2770 want to restore quarantined file. updated definitions last night . . . ran full-scan . . . ad-aware quarantined a file. i opened ad-aware interface and went to scan / quarantine / clicked the file under family-category [i](no highlight)[/i] . . . chose "[color=#800000]restore[/color]" from drop-down menu . . . clicked "[color=#800000]perform action now[/color]" . . . nothing happened. clicked the file under object-category[i](no highlight)[/i] . . . chose "[color=#800000]restore[/color]" from drop-down menu. . . clicked "[color=#800000]perform action now[/color]" . . . nothing happened. i closed down the interface and opened it again . . . no change. fwiw . . . the file is listed in both the quarantine and ignore tabs. the scan-log states the item was a file as opposed to folder or reg-entry or etc. there is a 1kb *.aawquif file located in [color=#800000][size=4]C:\ Documents and Settings\ All Users\ Application Data\ Lavasoft\ Ad-Aware\ Quarantine[/size][/color] . . . the true file was probably 100+kb . . . renaming the *.aawquif file will not bring return the file-size to what it had been. other relevant / pertinent info in the log : Engine: 3 Clean status: Success Item ID: 1 Family ID: 0 MD5: so . . . now what to do ? i want to restore the quarantined file.
  3. Dear Mods/anyone else who can help, I recently installed Ad-Aware, and did a full scan. It found around 50 "infections", all of which I quarantined. I wanted to restore some of these files. I was, however, not able to do so for those inside ZIP or RAR folders. I am [u][b]very[/b][/u] frustrated by this. Is this a known issue?