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Found 6 results

  1. Not sure where to post this. Question is about Total Security. In past few months have experienced performance issues. Long-time Lavasoft customer that is ready to switch. System performance has degraded to the point that computer usage is at 100% during signature update, scan and at random times. Great performance when Total Secuity is stopped or removed. Have tried everything I know to do. Went so far as to wipe and reload computer. Purchased multiple user license and share with family members so have several disatisfied users. Suggestions?
  2. Working with Lavasoft staff on my systems I now have computers with the full, maximum paid versions of both Total Security <now expired> and Ad-Aware Pro Plus 10.4 at the same time. The new did not uninstall or deactivate the old. There are no instructions for what to do. Should I uninstall Total Security manually? Total appears in the tray while Pro Plus does not. althougn it appears under programs and shows it is fully activated. There is a worry because Total keeps popping up EVERY HALF-HOUR or so that it has blocked attempted access to a viris file while the new Ad-Aware does not. <C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\adaware\data\ Infected with: HTML:Fraud-J (Engine-B> If I uninstall or somehow deactivate Total will that recurring viris attempt take over?
  3. I don't find a board here regarding Adaware Total Security which I renewed on 16 July. When it wouldn't install properly, I called the toll-free number and allowed the tech I spoke with to take control of my computer. After approximately an hour, during which time he tried to talk me into paying for services I did not want, the software was installed. Since then, however, my computer has been slower than ever. When I type, the text lags behind, leading me to believe I may have a key logger on my computer. The only thing the Total Security software has found over the past month is one cookie...which is never identified.. It finds nothing else...ever. I am completely dissatisfied with the product. My question for now is....where is the Total Security board?
  4. I'm confused. I understood Total Security was the maximum level of Ad-Aware which, until now, incorporated Ad-Aware 9. The new releases of Ad-Aware 10 appear to be only available - and freely upgrade - in Free, Personal and Pro. I tried checking versions but Total Security seems to use different version numbers in my "Info" as 21.xx excepting the firewall 3.0 -all of which on clicking "update" state I have the latest version. I administer a number of multi-seat accounts and for each received upgrade emails today which seem to indicate Ad-Aware 10 would replace Total Security, but have less features. Can someone enlighten me and my clients please? The Lavasoft Face bookpage only tells people to check the features of Total Security which explains nothing and is not a very customer friendly response. the real question is - is the expensive Total Security being dropped or left behind in this process?
  5. having trouble with the config of firewall in ad aware total security any help will be much appreciated
  6. Scheduled Scan using Total Security version does not provide the ability for a default action for Spyware/Adware items found. Pro version did. I there a way to specify? I want the default to be delete.