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Found 5 results

  1. Is this the previous version to be used with Windows XP?
  2. Hi, I have now spent 2 hours trying to install the free version of Ad-Aware. First I used "Run" but later I just downloaded to desktop and "run as administrator". I have removed anything that remotely could be passed as an antivirus or antispyware program from my PC.. I have uninstalled Windows Security. Whatever I try I get the same message (see attached). I'm about to give up and it's a shame. I use Ad-Aware on my laptop and it works great. My PC - Dell Workstation, Win 7 PRO 64-bit, ServicePack 1
  3. I have a lap-top running Windows 7 with a dual-core processor. I up-dated from Ad-aware 9 to Adaware 10 as prompted by a message. Since then, it took up to half an hour or more for the lap-top to come out of hibernation; and programs have appallingly slowly with delays. As a result which I then un-installed it through Control Panel. Half way through it came up with a blue-screen saying something about a serious error, but it disappeared before I could write it down. I chose the 'Start Windows Normally' option and it re-booted OK I went back to Control Panel and Ad-aware was still there, so I clicked on un-install again, and after a moment or two it came up with a message saying that installation was already in progress, and then went ahead. I re-booted after it had finished and found that I had lost wireless connectivity. I thought at first it was just because it no longer had the password for my router, but after typing that in it still did not work. I have tried connecting direct to the router using a LAN cable, but no luck. I went through all the BT and Windows trouble-shooting and they just said that there was a problem with the LAN and network adaptors. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]I should have mentioned that I tried System Restore from two different points but each time it reported that it had failed. [/font][/color] Does anyone know what I do now?
  4. Hi! I just installed the newest version of the Ad-Aware 10 Free edition. It seems that I am getting a free 30-day trial of Ad-Aware Pro. After installation I opened the program to run a scan and got the following pop-up box. What does this mean? I generally think anything from Intel is safe, but I have no idea what an adapter is or does, or whether it's safe to "trust" it. Please help! Thanks so much! Sincerely, Not Very Tech Saavy
  5. I'm confused. I understood Total Security was the maximum level of Ad-Aware which, until now, incorporated Ad-Aware 9. The new releases of Ad-Aware 10 appear to be only available - and freely upgrade - in Free, Personal and Pro. I tried checking versions but Total Security seems to use different version numbers in my "Info" as 21.xx excepting the firewall 3.0 -all of which on clicking "update" state I have the latest version. I administer a number of multi-seat accounts and for each received upgrade emails today which seem to indicate Ad-Aware 10 would replace Total Security, but have less features. Can someone enlighten me and my clients please? The Lavasoft Face bookpage only tells people to check the features of Total Security which explains nothing and is not a very customer friendly response. the real question is - is the expensive Total Security being dropped or left behind in this process?