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Found 4 results

  1. I have been having problems with my computer going to the blue screen of death since I installed Chromecast. I got a message back that said Bitdefender may be the problem. Is there anyway to have the professional Ad Aware disable bitdefender or will it stop working without it? Thanks Steve
  2. The title tells it all and I would also like to bring to the attention of any lavasoft employee reading this that your tech support is rude, not knowledgeable and not helpful. I work in the IT field and some of the thigns they were suggesting as well as customer treatment are horrible. I'll probably just reformat this computer but I want this to appear so other people can know that they are not alone in this issue. The uninstall function did not work properly or did not provide enough instruction to work properly. In my frustration I cannot remember the exact order of events but I tried to uninstall, I was prompted with something saying that it would require a restart to remove the uninstall, I recieved a blue screen, I restarted and have sense been unable to connect to my wireless connection. I have 2 other computers connected wirelessly just fine and the other computer never had an issue before this event. I am unable to do a system restore because I had no previous restore points. The logical conclusion is that the uninstallation process on some level is responsible for this. Before I reimage to factory settings I posting here for any other ideas.
  3. Ok, so I'd like some plain English advice on how to uninstall 10.1 WITHOUT having the issues I just had while trying to do so. I've had to use System Restore to regain the use of my computer, and thusly, I have restored Ad-Aware. And no, I don't have any other virus protection or anything. So what exactly happened: My trial period had run out and I hadn't gotten around to reactivating. It had been a couple of days and we noticed our laptop computer shutting down improperly. I assumed malware, and I said that I'd update the Ad-aware. My partner thought it WAS the Ad-aware, because of the aggressive pop-ups to reactivate. I went to reactivate the free version, and when they wanted some of my information to send me an activation key, for a free version, I thought forget this, and decided to uninstall it completely. I went to the control panel, and uninstalled the various components, which was some kind of toolbar, and some other peripheral program. They went ok. Then I tried to uninstall the main program and admin permission to allow Ad-aware to delete programs from my computer popped up. I assumed this was a normal part of the uninstallation process, and agreed. The computer immediately crashed, a blue screen, then a black and white screen. Then it restarted itself, asking if I'd like to start in safe mode, and I said no. Upon restart I could no longer access the internet. I ignored this, and decided to try uninstalling again, and when it asked for permission to change my computer I said no, but it wouldn't let me complete unless I agreed. So, I did, and finally it was uninstalled, but I still could no longer access the internet. Diagnostics revealed that there was "a problem with my wireless network driver" and windows could tell me no more. Simple restarting did not work, so I used System Restore, and here I am. How do I uninstall this without giving it permission to change my computer? Would reactivating it first change anything?
  4. I have a lap-top running Windows 7 with a dual-core processor. I up-dated from Ad-aware 9 to Adaware 10 as prompted by a message. Since then, it took up to half an hour or more for the lap-top to come out of hibernation; and programs have appallingly slowly with delays. As a result which I then un-installed it through Control Panel. Half way through it came up with a blue-screen saying something about a serious error, but it disappeared before I could write it down. I chose the 'Start Windows Normally' option and it re-booted OK I went back to Control Panel and Ad-aware was still there, so I clicked on un-install again, and after a moment or two it came up with a message saying that installation was already in progress, and then went ahead. I re-booted after it had finished and found that I had lost wireless connectivity. I thought at first it was just because it no longer had the password for my router, but after typing that in it still did not work. I have tried connecting direct to the router using a LAN cable, but no luck. I went through all the BT and Windows trouble-shooting and they just said that there was a problem with the LAN and network adaptors. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]I should have mentioned that I tried System Restore from two different points but each time it reported that it had failed. [/font][/color] Does anyone know what I do now?