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Found 5 results

  1. I've been hijacked. What's worse is, I can't find the folder or path this hijacker is using in order to remove it! YOU can't even find it! I've run Adaware *and* Avast with no luck. I've looked in your data base and keep getting "No data found". I tried to find it in any and all of my Google Chrome settings - but it's too well hidden or it's attached itself to something else, making it impossible to find! Here's the info I've gotten from places around the web: Anvisoft says: is a browser hijacker that spread via rootkit, Trojan, spam email attachments or infected websites visiting, targeting almost browser of all sorts, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It will do a series of modifications to the browser configurations to make itself the default homepage. It also has the ability to hide itself from antivirus program by changing Windows registry settings. Once captures your system, you will notice not only your homepage, but also the new tab is set to open with The fact is search through this website is unsecured and may relate to redirection to malicious domains. The purpose of such browser hijackers is to transfer and record your browsing habits and similar things so as to force hits to particular websites, especially commercial advertisements. More serious, your credit card details and other confidential information revealed through this malicious domain might be compromised. In view of its malicious behavior, should be removed from your PC as soon as possible, or it may harm your computer system and put your privacy and confidential data out on a limb. It goes on to give instructions for removal - none of which worked for me! It suggested going to my program files to remove it - but it's not showing up there. Then it says go to my browser settings to remove it and reset my pages - but it's not showing up there, either! I know it is on my computer because if I close out Google Chrome, when I reopen it, the 22 find page opens up instead of a Google page. It then goes on to suggest I download "Cloud System Boost". Honestly, I want to avoid downloading *more* unknown crap on my computer whenever possible. Since I've been using your product for years - I would rather hear from YOU what steps to take, rather than an unknown source. Please research this and HELP ME! Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am having a trouble using 1password extension to work with major browsers when running Ad-Aware Pro Security in Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro. However, When I disable Ad-Aware Pro Security from running, all the 1password extensions work. Help is needed so I can both use 1password extensions while Ad-Aware Pro Security is running & to solve the problem. I have the latest version of Ad-Aware Pro Security Thank you.
  3. Dear Lavasoft team, Yesterday, I installed the Ad-Aware because I was read you are the best free antivirus currently. So, now I can't open my Google Chrome browser. Where/How I have to change the settings to do my browser works again? Moreover, I hate the Internet Explorer, so I need the Google Chrome. Thank you, Tais Alemar
  4. Hi I installed the toolbar when installing Ad-Aware 11 - I thought it would come in handy when something or other tries to install one of these D*mn browser search bars, ad-ware, etc. Anyway, my plan was just to hide the bar and forget about it until needed (I used it to scan once, nothing bad in any of my browsers). Tough luck. For my taste, this thing operates close to a D*mn adware ITSELF. There are not enough configuration options in the menu. Or can you tell me -How I can make the Ad-Aware Yahoo Search screen in new Tabs go away in the latest Firefox? I don't want to see it, and Yahoo search is dead. -Why there is no first setting up the stupid bar where you can just let the thing hidden WITHOUT it screwing up my preferred search engines etc.? (Yes, I know my way around my PC and have removed your silly search from the Browser's search engines - manually, thank you - but how do I get rid of the whole screen thing on a new tab?) -if the answer to my first question should be: "you can't make this new tab search screen go away": how do I completely UNINSTALL the D*mn thing? Thanks. oh, btw, I'm using the latest Win 8.1, the latest Firefox, Chrome and IE.
  5. I cleared the checkboxes for changing the start page of my browser and search provider on updating AdAware, yet the page was changed regardless. I thought I'd let you guys know about this to avoid similar situations in future updates. (It did it on Aurora (FF beta) on a Win7 system) I will change my startpage back, but that's kind of a stupid thing to have happen.