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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all! I am encountering an issue with Adaware. When running a full scan, Adaware detected a virus but seems to be unable to quarantine, delete, or otherwise handle it. I've tried running Adaware a few times, and other programs as well, but the threat remains. Please have a look at my report XML and advise on how to handle if you are able. adaware_Report_Full_Manual_11-23-2018 105901 AM.xml
  2. I cannot activate Ad-Aware 11 free. I always get a failure message.
  3. Hi, I am Nandan V and I just downloaded the adaware antivirus. I received an activation key but whenever I enter it I am getting an error stating failed to activate. I do not have a serial key so I cannot register on the adaware site too. I have no clue what to do.
  4. I have been having problem activating my registration key in Adware 11 after receiving it, each time I try it keeps on repeating the same message. Activation could not be completed why I do not know was told to gather all the information below. Ad-Aware System