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Found 2 results

  1. I've been using Ad-Aware Antivirus only to do occasional on-demand scans. I use Avast Antivirus for real-time protection. Yesterday, I did a few custom and quick scans in Ad-Aware. Immediately before each of the scans finished, Avast's File System Shield alerted me that it detected a tmp******** file infected with Win32:Evo-gen [susp] in C:\WINDOWS\Temp\********-****-****-****-************\tmp******** directory, attributed to the process AdAwareService (* are digits/letters); avast automatically and immediately quarantined those files. It is noteworthy that in same tmp******** directories, there was another tmp******** file which disappeared as soon as Ad-Aware was closed. I then, restored the supposedly infected files from avast's Virus Chest to their original locations. However, after rebooting Windows, I checked C:\WINDOWS\Temp directory and verified that the ********-****-****-****-************\tmp******** subdirectories were still there, still containing no other files than those restored by me from the Virus Chest! Considering that those tmp******** files are probably avast's false positives, and that those files were likely produced by Ad-Aware during each scan and would probably be cleared out by the program itself, were it not for avast's untimely action, I want to know if it is safe to manually delete them now and the resulting empty directories containing them, given the fact that each file is 39,1 MB in size, which is not negligible. I also added the path C:\WINDOWS\Temp\* to Exclusions list in avast Settings to prevent this from happening again in future Ad-aware scans.
  2. THis is going to be a major job now to restore my files from all over the harddisk from the Quarantäne of AdAware. Actuially i am dissapointed from the high rate of (surely) false positives. I have uses Avira before and and i had only a few false positives. I could send them in and they removed the problem very fast. Now i switched to AdAware because i was not happy with the Stability of the latest AVIRA product. As a result that i have now AdAware, i just got 156 (i am sure) false positives mostly own code programmed in PowerBasic. I am not going to post all my personal programms here in the forums to get this problem removed. I expect like with other vendors like AVIRA an mail or FTP where i can upload false positives. They have to be checked and the problems have to be removed. Actually this program destroys ma daily work here on this computer. How can i make sure this is going to be fixed in newer versions? Otherwise i may remove this thing from my system as fast as i got it here. ------------------------------------ I want to add something about Usability. If i click on "Berichte" (Reports?) then i see the infection type that was assumed. If i click on "Quarantäne" there is a BUtton "Wiederherstellen" (Restore?) that can restore the file. This way necessary informations are split on different tables. i would need to see what file is actually infected and what infection is assumed. So i can possibly upload it to "Virus Total" to get an additional check of the file. I am missing a table where i can see: - filename and path, - infection type, - and chance to decide -restore or delete also i would like at this place a - "submit false positive" button. So i can submit false positives and help this program to get a bit better. Let me say that from design and stability the AdAware ios very good. However if it makes so many false positives and destroys ma programs, i can not use it. I need a sollution.