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Found 10 results

  1. How can I scan a second hard disk with Adaware Free Antivirus? I installed the new 12.6 July 2019 and am running Windows 10. When I click on the "Scan" button it scans only the C drive. When I "Select Options" and choose "Full" it scans only the C drive. When I choose "Custom" and check the second hard disk it still scans only the C drive.
  2. I have the free version 12 as a second line defence. MacAfee is first. I set this up on 4 different systems, and it has found nothing for over 4 months. This really makes me wonder what's going on? How can I verify that it's actually working? and is anyone else having this problem? Since I really hate the new layout, is the older version 11 still supported? I'd love to change back. (UPDATE: I just downloaded version 11 from the web site. When I went to install it the installer says it's version 12. How do I revert back to 11 if there is no fix to 12. -also I'm using W10 build 1703) Thanks, -Jaz
  3. After Installing Ad Aware I try to 'Activate' but after putting in my name and email (to register) it returns an error message "Registration failed! Please, check the activation message and try again." Well, I cannot find an "activation message" the options presented are "Try again" and "Close". Closing the message and I'm back at the home screen. At the bottom it says "Program awaiting registration, please register." and "Your protection has just expired. Please register to continue to get your latest definition file updates" But the attempt to register fails. Any suggestions? -haigster
  4. Hello, As the title says, does Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ offers anti-rootkit capabilities? Also is Lavasoft paired up with another company to develop or offer antivirus signatures? I remeber a few years back that the signatures used by Ad-Aware where from another company, can't remember wich one. Is that the case now? If so, what is the company? Thanks in advance!
  5. yigido

    Scanning Speed

    I read some reviews about your Security Products, I want to use Ad-Aware it offers Bitdefender for free! but some reviews says "Scan speed is reaaly slow" what do you say about it thanks ? review :
  6. Hello! Could you help me with strange problem? I downloaded the last version of Ad-aware Free from your site and tryed to install it, but received the following error (see screenshot). I tryed to reload it and reinstall, but something goes wrong. I use windows XP.
  7. I keep getting the "Activation Failed". I've had to use the key I got a few times because I've had to reinstall Windows. I'm guessing that I've used it too many times, but I'm not sure if there's a limit. I only have one email address and I've used it for my laptop (which is activated), but my desktop doesn't want to activate. It was fine the first time, but I had to reinstall Windows a while back. Now it won't activate.
  8. [color=#9933cc][size=5]I just installed Free Ad-Aware AV Pro and the scan is taking FOREVER! I feel like I back with Windows 3.1 Grrrrr. Please help! [/size][/color] [color=#9933ff][size=5]I have Windows XP[/size][/color] [color=#9933ff][size=5]Serv Pack 3[/size][/color]
  9. Kai87


    Is there a documentation for the ad-aware products - Free, Personal and Pro? I'm looking for a detailed description of what each of the programs offers, but I cannot find it.
  10. I'm running Ad-Aware Free, version 9.6.0. Since I have a fairly large amount of data, it takes forever to complete a complete scan. I'd like to tell it to ignore several folder with huge amounts of archived data, but I cannot find a way to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! It's a fine product! -- Roy