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Found 11 results

  1. I am trying to install to Windows 8.1 OS; Installation does not complete and demands to update file definitions but just says it is checking and never completes. Also won't run a scan of any kinds . Software does not appear to be connecting to the internet. Thanks for advice, Ed
  2. When I try to install the free version of AdAware, I get "cannot find adAwareTray.exe". I've tried both the regular and stand-alone versions. I'm running Win7 Home 64bit. I've also tried in safe mode but the installer won't run. Why can't I install?
  3. every thing goes fine in the installing process until it reaches the initializing phase this when I get this error and the installation rolls back and cancels running windows 7 home premium edition 64 bit attached picture of the error I got
  4. I tried to install ad-aware... failed. try again... failed... try again... installed... stops downloading about 30ish megabytes and wants to start all over again every time I retry. Hmmm... So I looked up online, saw there was a problem people were having. Uninstalled, deleted all the old files... reinstalled... exactly the same experiance. Maybe there something wrong with the installer/downloader thing I initially downloaded. Redownloaded that and went through the same process... hmm I said to myself, this program looks good I don't want to give up. I contacted support and told them what was happening, it was downloading fine then stops etc etc. and the response was... do you have active internet connection? are there other anti-virus? hmmm... seems a little silly but okay I guess they have to check all their bases. I say yes, I have active internet I haven't installed much of anything on this yes here is a list of everything installed as I only installed windows a few days ago. and what's the response I get? "We recommend you try and uninstall and reinstall." lol - oh dear lord, I think I would get a more intelligent response from a potato. What's even funnier is when I uninstalled it, it brings up a website to put feedback in. I spent 2 minutes saying... you know it just didn't download, if you want me back you could make the program check for already downloaded files before it starts to re-download everything... (it would be a start). I get to section three of the form and hit finish, then it returns the same page with ERROR in normal text just below the banner. LOL, nothing from lavasoft works, not even their feedback web form. now THAT made me laugh. Request ID :##390177##
  5. How do I completely remove all Lavasoft and Ad-Aware products? I still have remnants of something because when I open the device manager on my Windows 10 PC it automatically opens a new dialog box where Ad-aware is trying to install something without my permission. I have previously uninstalled and removed what I thought were all the files pertaining to that program. Please help as this is very annoying.
  6. Hi, Adware Installer (current version) during the initial stage of installation called "Downloading version info" generates an error message "Couldn't open msi transaction" then stops. Any ideas what might cause this? Windows 7 (64bit)
  7. I'm trying to install Ad-Aware on a Windows 7 virtual machine which is behind a proxy server. When I run the installer, it immediately pops up an error dialog with the text "Couldn't download version info". I assume this has something to do with the proxy configuration. Do you have any recommendations for getting past this?
  8. Hello I installed Ad-Aware 10.5 Free on my new laptop running win8, and decided to install it on my older win7 laptop. Earlier I had Microsoft Security Essential, so I uninstalled this before trying to install Ad-Aware. But when I try to install it I get the message "Ad-Aware has detected an incompitable software.....", and therefor I only get the option to install as 2. line defense. I then deactivated the "Windows Defender" with no success. Does anybody have any suggestions to what I should do to be allowed to install Ad-Aware as the main anti-virus program?
  9. Hi folks. I'm having some problems with ad-aware atm. I keep getting these pop-ups where ad-aware is trying to install something, but seeing that I removed the program, reinstall'd it and tried whatever I can, I can't seem to make it stop. It mentions this: [i]ad-aware antivirus.msi[/i] and [i]C:\Users\ME\AppData\Local\Temp\{00D52C1F-9FA7-431A-9C07-C52494CEA1F9}\[/i] It startet when one day, the harddrive I had Ad-aware install on, lost connection to my PC, that has been restored so the program should work as intended. It did, but this annoying install began. So I began trying to resolve this issur. I guess it's because somewhere in the ram it tells the PC to install something from this dir, but this dir dosen't exist so naturally it can't. But it keeps trying and I can't seem to stop it. If I cancel the install, it just gives me an error and tries again later. How do I remove this so my PC dosen't try to install non existing stuff? really annoying.
  10. Hello, I had installed the Ad-Aware 10.x trial yesterday on a friend's PC and it download fine and it asked to reboot during install. The PC never came back into Windows after the reboot. When I boot the PC now, the system will get into Windows but will reboot after 10 to 30 seconds, then into constant reboot mode. I can get the PC into safe mode. The PC does have Trend Microsystems and an older version of Lavasoft on it. It will not let me uninstall either version of Ad-Aware in Safe-mode as Windows tells me that "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if using Safe Mode...." Is there a way to either uninstall the software or get into Regedit to change a value so that it does not keep rebooting? The PC was working fine before the install of Ad-Aware yesterday. Thanks, Erik
  11. Hello. I am unable to install Ad-Aware on my system after the previous uninstall crashed part way through. When attempting to install, I receive the message "A newer version of ad-aware is already installed" then the installation halts. I have attempted the manual removal instructions that I have found in these forums but nothing has worked. Some fragment of the old installation remains which the installer detects and ceases to continue. Is anyone able to assist me? Thanks.