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Found 4 results

  1. Hello volunteers! I've recently had the pleasure of being reunited with an old friend: the "Registration Failed" message. My free license expires in three days, and no amount of trying seems to do the trick.. Last time, CeciliaB fixed it in a jiffy, but I cannot remember what we ended up plz? Best regards for the best support team in the world, Jeppe.
  2. Hi: I have installed it today and when I try to obtain a new license for it I receive a "Registration Failed" message and It says to me that I can retry It in some minutes. I am retrying it since 06:00 a.m. and I am receiving the same message. Please, help me !
  3. I purchased Total Security in October 2011 for my three machines. I lost the hard drive on one of them at the same time I had purchased a replacement computer for her birthday. What timing, eh... The hard drive is completely unrecoverable. I want to transfer the serial number from the dead machine onto the new one. Using the "My Licenses" section and choosing the proper "serial number" I click on the "e-mail access data" link, thinking I am going to get an email response from someone. Nothing. It's like a Phil Collins song from the '80s... There's no reply at all, No reply at all. Can anyone offer help? The little girl is anxious...
  4. I just got Total Security, with two licenses, however I did not realize that there were two and missed the comma separating the two licenses which seems strange (why not one license and a count of two??). I now have two machines with the same license, so how do I update one with a different license. When I try to do that I just get a box asking to remove the other computer and place the same license, but since I have two, I just want to update the license on one of the computers. You might want to put two licenses on two lines, not all of us see the comma that well. Howie