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Found 8 results

  1. My AdAware installation has been activated, I can see the configured key in the settings. Yet on a regular basis it creates a popup asking me to "complete registration". It takes me to a page where I can install AdAware, but I already have it! I've also tried updating, but that also only takes me to an installation website, instead of updating the software. This is interrupting my work and driving me crazy, if this can't be turned off I'll have to uninstall. And I imagine many people already uninstalled for this reason. This is totally broken.
  2. Hello volunteers! I've recently had the pleasure of being reunited with an old friend: the "Registration Failed" message. My free license expires in three days, and no amount of trying seems to do the trick.. Last time, CeciliaB fixed it in a jiffy, but I cannot remember what we ended up plz? Best regards for the best support team in the world, Jeppe.
  3. After Installing Ad Aware I try to 'Activate' but after putting in my name and email (to register) it returns an error message "Registration failed! Please, check the activation message and try again." Well, I cannot find an "activation message" the options presented are "Try again" and "Close". Closing the message and I'm back at the home screen. At the bottom it says "Program awaiting registration, please register." and "Your protection has just expired. Please register to continue to get your latest definition file updates" But the attempt to register fails. Any suggestions? -haigster
  4. I have been having problem activating my registration key in Adware 11 after receiving it, each time I try it keeps on repeating the same message. Activation could not be completed why I do not know was told to gather all the information below. Ad-Aware System
  5. Hello.. Just signed up in hopes of getting some assistance with my Free Ad-Aware (V. 11.2.5952.0). System: Win 7 Home Premium SP1 - clean install with no other AV than Ad-Aware Free in its history. Upgraded to 11 on prompt with no issues - my old key worked fine, but was due to expire soon after I upgraded. In the prompt window from Ad-Aware, I clicked the button to renew my licence and kept getting something like "Registration Failed. Please try again later" (no specific error messages) I've had this issue in the past (on several machines) and a clean install of Ad-Aware always fixed it - no such luck this time around. After cleaning up and re-installing, I now get this message on the "Home" tab: "Your version of Ad-Aware expired 104 days ago" (which I know is not the case) and a big green "Renew for Free"-button where I was expecting an "Activate Now"-button. I guess my clean install wasn't so clean after all? Still get the same "Registration Failed" message every time. Can you help?
  6. Hello, I'm new to Lavasoft software, i download the antivirus and try to register it, but for my surprise there is an issue with the registration form... i can't get my activation key, it say: I really want to use your AV solution, any help is good for me. Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english. PD: I don't use proxys and my conection to internet is working right.
  7. In July, I ordered Lavasoft Total Security...which never worked properly. Lavasoft offered to give me Adaware Pro 10.3 as a replacement, instructed me to uninstall Total Security, and sent a link for me to download 10.3...which I did. After installing 10.3, I noticed I still needed the activation code (registration code?) in order run the thing. I immediately contacted Lavasoft. I have been trying to get the activation code for the past three days. Yesterday, I was promised that the code would be sent today. But it is 2PM on 12 Nov, and I am still waiting for that code. This is Day Three. What kind of "support" is this?
  8. Tried to use my license key for the paid version of ad-aware. it's possible my license time has ru n out, but that's not what the error message says. it says i need to have my fingerprint re-set. i got my license code on-line. i believe it was through purchase of another product of some sort. so i can't register my product with a serial, and cannot access support directly. anyway, i would LOVE to have some help with this. seems like there is help on a case-by-case basis, according to what i pulled up in a search for "fingerprint". many thanks, Michael