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Found 7 results

  1. I followed your instructions to add the debug level, restarted my computer, and performed the custom scan. The log files for the developers at adaware software are in "adaware" at and will be there for another 23 hours or until the first person downloads them. As always, when the custom scan is started, I see the complete scan (file names) of the first drive and do not see the second drive.
  2. Good morning, So far Ad-Aware Free Antivirus 11+ (currently on version 11.3.6321.0) has been doing a good job, is lighter on system resources than AVG 2015, and starts in a relatively short time on system start. This is running on a pretty standard Dell PC tower, with a Core2 Duo, 6 gigs of ram, Windows 7 Pro w/ SP1 (fully updated and patched), a pretty run-of-the-mill selection of apps, and very few things loading on start-up, save for Ad-Aware, print monitor utility, and USB 3.0 add-in card drivers and monitor. The one big problem I seem to be having is with folders in my Exclusions list being scanned, and files in those folders being put into Quarantine. I have an external hard drive with some testing work on it. Some of those files raise red flags with A-V scanners, so I initially added the entire drive letter to the Manage Exclusions section. It is still there if I go back and look, so that seems okay. Every time I plug in the external drive, Ad-Aware starts identifying and moving files on that drive into Quarantine, so I have to go into Quarantine and Restore them all. I thought that perhaps Ad-Aware doesn't do so well with a whole drive letter (I've seen a couple other A-V programs where you couldn't add just a drive letter, only folders), so I went to the Manage Exclusions list and added each folder on the root of the drive. I figure that it would automatically include any sub-folders in that directory, since there is no selectable option one way or the other, and it would obviously be a huge pain if you had to add (potentially) dozens or hundreds of folders manually, depending on how much content you wanted to exclude. The results are the same: every time I plug in this external drive, Ad-Aware still quarantines files from those excluded folders. Am I still missing some setting somewhere or setting it up incorrectly, or is this a bug in the program? Thanks in advance for any help, Steve p.s. Apologies for the grammatical error in the title - apparently the title cannot be edited...
  3. yigido

    Scanning Speed

    I read some reviews about your Security Products, I want to use Ad-Aware it offers Bitdefender for free! but some reviews says "Scan speed is reaaly slow" what do you say about it thanks ? review :
  4. Today I've installed AdAware 10.2 and scanned my computer using "Full Scan" settings. It went around 3 hours when it finished and reported 43 threats, I marked most of them "quarantine" and few of them as "ignore" (for items I suspected that it was a false positive, so I could deal with it later), then clicked "Clean". But, afterward I need to get back to see which file (the full path) that I clicked "ignore", for further investigation (since AdAware didn't allow me to "Save Logs"), I expected that there will be some kind of scan log kept in the "Reports" section. When I clicked on the report, I found nothing but a short summary about that scan. How to get the full scan report (full path of the threat and their identification +scan settings) from the previous scan? preferably in text file format. I hope I wouldn't need to re-scan my PC all over again to get the information.
  5. [color=#9933cc][size=5]I just installed Free Ad-Aware AV Pro and the scan is taking FOREVER! I feel like I back with Windows 3.1 Grrrrr. Please help! [/size][/color] [color=#9933ff][size=5]I have Windows XP[/size][/color] [color=#9933ff][size=5]Serv Pack 3[/size][/color]
  6. Am I missing something? For scheduled scans in 10.x (beta of Free version), the only 2 choices are Quick or Full Scan, and both have "Exclude Removable Drives". Periodic (scheduled) scanning isn't very useful if we can't choose what to scan, especially if it always skips particular types of disks!
  7. I'm running Ad-Aware Free, version 9.6.0. Since I have a fairly large amount of data, it takes forever to complete a complete scan. I'd like to tell it to ignore several folder with huge amounts of archived data, but I cannot find a way to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! It's a fine product! -- Roy