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Found 13 results

  1. [First post] Hello, Adaware people. Recently i've installed adaware and it works fine. I code simple applications in batch, and i want to publish them. The thing is i would like to convert them to exe so no one could modify the code. So i go to because it's called "Good", convert it and it works. Ok but then i virustotal it and 5/80 detected it as a RAT/Trojan. Can i get removal help? My computer has been getting slower since. I deleted the app. Refreshing taskbar, higher internet usage, hard drive space lessening minute by minute. Thank you.
  2. I do a full scan and get back a report that finds Trojan viruses on computer that will be deleted on reboot. I reboot the computer and receive the message that the viruses were successfully deleted. I do another full scan and get a report that the viruses are there but will be deleted on reboot and the scenario starts all over again. How can I disinfect and remove these Trojan viruses. I have seen both Trojan Poweliks.Gen.1 twice at the same time and Trojan Poweliks.Gen.2 once with Windows System32 regsvr. Trojan Gen.2 has disappered. Both Trojan Poweliks Gen 1 can not be deleted. I have also attached logs that were attached to my email [Request ID ##468513##] Please advise if you have any ideas I might try to resolve this problem.
  3. Malawarebytes did find and remove pup called Spigot--although I needed Adwcleaner for the removal to work. Dear Adaware support: Adaware shows Trojan virus Trojan.VBS.VAU Is this a false positive? It cannot be quaranteened-I get a "failed" and dleting via Adaware to no effect. Malawarebytes scan and Kaspersky do not find the virus. Do I ignore this result from a Full scan? Using latest Windows 10 Pro. --Mike M.
  4. I have free Ad-Aware as an auxiliary backup to AVG free version. I am no longer able to open the Ad-Aware program. The warning message reads: Ad-Aware Antivirus\11.7.485.8398 - Windows cannot open this file because it has been prevented by a software restriction policy. I have checked and there is no software restriction policy in place. So I am assuming this is a malware or trojan infection. I deleted and reinstalled Ad-Aware, which ran a virus check after installation, which had no results. However, i still cannot open the software, even after re-installing, from my desktop icon or Programs list. I am running Windows XP on the affected pc. The software works fine on my other computers, one running Windows 10 and the other Windows XP.
  5. I have a blog that now if I try to open the webpage, it gets blocked with an antivirus warning of this Trojan JS:HideMe-B. But I can't get rid of it. I am attaching my DDS report. What do you suggest? Thank you.
  6. I have scanned my computer several times, but when it goes to clean this virus, the cleaning never stops and the report keeps generating new detections that become quarantined. attach.txt dds.txt
  7. Hello all, Anyone that can help me with this would be a saint. I have run AdWare (free version) twice now. Each time it has detected this trojan, and it's supposed to be quarantined. I just did the most recent scan, and it finished probably 20 minutes ago: Trojan.win32.Generic!BT I'm attaching the DDS files that I read I should be posting when I do this. DDS1.txt DDS2.txt I'm not the greatest literary computer user in the world, so please treat me with kid gloves (although I bet a child knows more than I do these days). I really, really would appreciate any help anyone can give me on getting this nasty thing off my comp.
  8. After a quick scan, my Ad-Aware found a trojan, while opening the report on it, I found the directory given to me by the antivirus where the trojan would have been found to be a fake (the "Quarantine" obviously is real, just not the directory for 'Traces'). Such directory doesn't exist on my PC. Now I've been looking into the configuration files of Ad-Aware, and for example the file wich holds the details on the Quarantine section for such trojan, explicitly set up such directory as 'fake' on its own. Is there a way I can find the true origin of the trojan on my computer once detected and before it was transferred to the Quarantine section, and any potential infection on my computer through Ad-Aware virus scan/reports?
  9. I recently downloaded a PC game called Crazy Drake from eGames, but Ad-Aware came up with a Trojan (Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT to be exact) and some Conducent/Timesink Adware. Since it wasn't the official eGames website, I thought I might have gotten a purposely infected file. I then decided to buy the actual game new from eBay. When I installed it, Adaware STILL came up with the same stuff. This makes me believe that it could be something from the game that it thinks is malicious, but really isn't. Here is the website I got it from: Here's another link in case the first doesn't work: Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey guys, I recently downloaded a file that had a keylogger attached to it. I never actually ran the file, just downloaded it. I don't know if I have a key logger for sure, and have used all necessary programs to scan my computer. I was directed here though from someone I know who told me it was the best place to recieve help and possibly find a solution to the problem. I have ran the DDS and have attached them to the post. To anyone who can help, thank you. If there is anything that can be done, I would prefer it much more than reformatting my computer. Please and thanks to anyone who can help! -Tyler
  11. Hi, I downloaded and installed the file from [url=""][/url]. When the installation finishes ,then a message is being displayed by adware as 'Process blocked'. The process has been identified as 'GamePlayLabs(v)'. The file has no connection with 'GamePlayLabs(v)'. I tried to copy the scan log file as mentioned in the forum guidelines, but it contains a single line as 'ERR [2016] 2012/05/14 12:13:41: SDKController::CheckEngineState -> Engine not loaded' I have also attached the screenshot of the alert for your reference.[attachment=9362:ad-aware.jpg] Please re-investigate this issue. Thanks Sameer
  12. Apparently this CB program is a trojan. I am wondering how to remove it. It currently lives in a toolbar. I believe I picked it up with some "FREEWARE". I would actually be happy to remove the whole DVDVIDEOSOFTTB toolbar. Any help is appreciated. There are some programs that claim to remove it but I only trust Lava these days. Thanks [attachment=9267:toolbar.jpg]
  13. Hi, I just tried installing the free version of Ad-Aware from Lavasoft, but as soon as I run the installation file I get an alert from my antivirus programme, Trend Micro Office Scan, that the ad-aware.msi file (located in a temp directory) is a trojan (to be specific: troj_dloader.bmc). Is the file truly infected or could it be a false positive? Please let me know! Tnx in advance.