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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, Can you tell me where the installer files might be located? Whenever I go onto my browser I get an installer for Lavasoft Web Companion come up. I DO NOT WANT THIS PRODUCT. How do I delete this installer? I also have no clue where it came from and understand that you brand yourself as an antivirus...yet work a lot like a virus.
  2. I'm trying to uninstall Adaware because it's not working properly in several ways, but I can't uninstall it because "There is not enough space on your hard drive." Does Adaware require space on the hard drive to write temporary files for uninstalling? It seems dumb that it should require new space to free up old space, but I understand technology works in strange ways sometimes. My HDD space is indeed very small, and I need to clean it up and move programs over to my secondary drive, so I'm hoping this isn't a common issue for uninstalling or I might be in big trouble.
  3. Hi have tried repeatedly to uninstall AdAware. Whilst it appears to have been removed from my system, I keep getting the Installer window opening at random times. It points to a location that doesn't have any files. I have now tried to download and re-install AdAware AV, but when the system detects Previous AdAware files, tries to delete them, then the system crashes. I did make the mistake and think that Avast was already installed. I didn't realise I was downloading AdAware AV. My mistake. But I would really appreciate advice on how to remove this from my system. I would love to know how I can completely remove this from my system. Thank you
  4. Hello, I had the free version of AdAware 11 installed, but got rather annoyed by the reoccurring popup prompting me to update to AdAware 12 or a pro version, so I decided to uninstall it just now. Sadly, it didn't only delete AdAware, but EVERY PIECE OF SOFTWARE INSTALLED ON THE SAME HARDDRIVE. I install all my software on a seperate 500 GB partition on a 2 TB harddrive (Drive G:), and it wiped the entire partition clean, with the exception of a few sporadic files in a few sporadic folders. When looking at the drive, it says that there's 486 GB of 488 GB available (versus the roughly 60 pieces of software installed on it previously). There's no files to be recovered from the trash can or the quarantine, the files are not hidden, and I have no automatic backups or previous versions I can recover. What happened? Can I turn it back somehow? Obviously I need this software for my work and education, so I'm in pretty big trouble if I don't get it back quickly. I should note that I did not restart my PC after uninstalling, and C:/ProgramData has a file in it called "adaware-installer-reboot-required.tmp". However, I am rather scared of restarting my PC in the fear of losing even more data. If I open the file in notepad it just has the text "Reboot Required" in it. Lavasoft, please tell me there is a way to turn this back ASAP. EDIT: I'm running Windows 10 Home Edition 64 Bit (v. 10.0.14393) Intel Core i7 3770 GeForce GTX770 ASUS motherboard Samsung 840 series pro SSD (Unaffected drive) Western Digital 2TB HDD (Affected drive)
  5. A while ago ad-aware wasnt able to update anymore, i just got an update error every single time. I then tried to uninstall it, but this time i got an uninstall error... And today i tried repairing it, but yet again there was an error. I have been using the software for over a year and it has been working fine until about a month ago. So, im a bit lost... I'm on windows 7 x64 Ad-Aware 11.rar daknogsystem.rar
  6. Win7x64 unable to install, reinstall , I am stuck in a loop, not able to clean out to reinstall help me please !
  7. WC showed up on my computer early last month and I have not downloaded any new programs in almost a year. After reading other posts I guess I am not alone in my frustration to try and uninstall it. I was initially going to keep the program but it will not update. I’ve tried several times (after I got the popup notification) but I always get an error at the end of the update process. My only option is to uninstall the software but it will not uninstall. Contacting the Lavasoft Support Team is useless. I emailed them twice, received an email receipt for my question, but no one has replied. I give them a “0” for tech support. I have turned the program off and stopped it from loading at startup, but the fact that it appeared on my computer without my consent and I can’t remove it is very unsettling. Shame on Lavasoft.
  8. How do I completely remove all Lavasoft and Ad-Aware products? I still have remnants of something because when I open the device manager on my Windows 10 PC it automatically opens a new dialog box where Ad-aware is trying to install something without my permission. I have previously uninstalled and removed what I thought were all the files pertaining to that program. Please help as this is very annoying.
  9. Hi there, Sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong part of the forum but I'm tearing my hair out here and hoping somebody will know what is going on. I am trying to completely uninstall Ad-Aware, or more precisely I thought I already had months ago - but apparently not. In Security Center it says that I have Lavasoft Ad-Aware Live! Anti-virus protection up to date and scanning, which it shouldn't be given that, as I said, I uninstalled it ages ago. I've tried reinstalling the old version of Ad-Aware but it won't scan, the option is grayed out, uninstalling it doesn't clear up the Watch Live! problem and nor does installing the latest version of Ad-Aware, which also won't scan at all and also doesn't remove the setting in Security Center when uninstalled. I'm at a loss as to what else to try. I've run several registry cleaners, none find any problems relating to it and I'm loath to start digging around the registry without any guide as to what to look for. The problem this is causing is that I am now without any active virus scanner. If I try to install another, such as Avast or AVG, my PC immediately causes a Blue Screen of Death and I have to go into Safe Mode to uninstall it. It would appear, due to the BSOD error (No_More_IRP_Stack_Locations) that the system erroneously thinks there's another virus scanner running, which is presumably Watch Live. If anybody knows how to resolve this problem I would be extremely grateful!
  10. thibler1s

    Uninstall issue

    I'm running Windows 8 and am trying to uninstall Ad Aware 11. The uninstallation process runs for a bit then I get a message stating the process can't complete because the file or folder is open in another program. I've closed everything out and removed all programs from the toolbar yet I still get this message. Any suggestions?
  11. Hi, I had to uninstall Ad-Aware because it was slowing my computer down. My computer is very fast. I'm a graphic designer and video editor and I have a lot of programs that work my computer system hard and they run smoothly. The only time my computer slows down is when Ad-Aware is running. I loved it in the past but the newer versions is having problems with my computer for some reason so I uninstalled it. Here's the fun part. I COMPLETELY uninstalled it.. or so I thought. I can't find mention of it anywhere. I can't find any files relating to it but BAM! while using Windows Defender it all of a sudden switched back to Ad-Aware being my primary protection and there is no way for me to switch back to defender even though Ad-Aware is no longer on my computer!!! I have been looking everywhere and trying everything. Even installing other antivirus programs to see if they would take over but nothing.. I can't even get the antivirus that I've actually paid for to work. I need protection on my computer because I have to go to a lot of websites and do a lot of searching and research in my business and I don't want to have to worry about viruses and junk.
  12. I've downloaded Ad-Aware Free Antivirus recently, and installed it to do a scan of my computer, and then I wanted to remove it again.. I tried to uninstall it, but I have no uninstallation files anywhere, not in the start-menu folder, or in the program files folder itself.. Neither does the program show up on the add or remove programs list.. How do I remove the program again? Please help me ASAP, thanks up front. Dan
  13. Hi! i have always been a fan of your guys' software. But right now im faced with a problem. I need to uninstall a few programs on my computer, but my Ad-Aware program doesnt appear in my installed program's list! I dont want to go around deleting files, so I come to you guys for help. I will install again right after I get my computer back, but I would really appreciate you guidance in this problem of mine I have Windows 7 64bit. My Ad-Aware version is One more thing, the only thing that shows in my list is Adaware Browser protection, I uninstalled that, but with no effect, as after I started my computer and getting the latest Adaware update, the browsing protection was back. I appreaciate your help in advance. Julian.
  14. Ad-Aware kept popping up telling me to register, so I decided to uninstall. When I tried to uninstall it said a reboot was needed, so I rebooted but upon power up I had a popup that says "There was a problem starting C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Conduit\BackgroundContainer\BackgroundContainer.dll the specified module could not be found" as well as 2 more popups pertaining to conduit as well. Ad-Aware could not be uninstalled. I then registered the product and now it keeps telling me to update, and when I try the same thing happens. I need a reboot, and after the reboot the same 3 popups come up. Anyone know how to fix this?
  15. After having too many issues with "Safe Browsing" and/or "Shop & Bank Safely Online" of Ad-Aware 10, I decided to try to uninstall it. During the uninstall process my laptop bluescreened. I've owned it for a year and it has never happened believe it or not. After rebooting the AdAware folder and files were still there (not sure if they were all there), and when trying to connect to ANY network I get the limited connectivity. I tried to reinstall again, and it gave me an error, about the installation being invalid. When I tried to reinstall / repair, I couldn't because I didn't have network connectivity (I think). So I decided to delete all the adaware file, and remove all adaware entried in the Registry. I also ran the two programs listed in the "Uninstall ad aware" post. I even reset the windows firewall to default settings. Other computers connect fine to the network, this laptop worked perfectly fine before the blue screen problem. What can I do? Is there an adaware related firewall running somewhere? fixme1234
  16. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#000000"]I uninstalled Ad-Aware v10.1 completely a few days ago… but it still keeps trying to reinstall itself automatically. What hidden files are still on my computer that keep connecting to Ad-Aware??? I did a thorough uninstall using Revo Uninstaller. I also followed through with a complete search of my system [i](Advanced Search > Include Non-Indexed, Hidden, and System Files)[/i] to remove any residual fragments. I repeated the search using the terms, [i]“ad-aware,” “adaware,” [/i]& [i]“lavasoft.”[/i] Now, however, each time I right-click on a file either within Windows Explorer or on my Desktop, a pop-up appears saying, [i]“Installing Ad-Aware.” [/i]I am able to cancel it… but I want it to stop! What Lavasoft file(s) have I missed, & how can I locate & remove it/them?[/color][/size][/font]
  17. The title tells it all and I would also like to bring to the attention of any lavasoft employee reading this that your tech support is rude, not knowledgeable and not helpful. I work in the IT field and some of the thigns they were suggesting as well as customer treatment are horrible. I'll probably just reformat this computer but I want this to appear so other people can know that they are not alone in this issue. The uninstall function did not work properly or did not provide enough instruction to work properly. In my frustration I cannot remember the exact order of events but I tried to uninstall, I was prompted with something saying that it would require a restart to remove the uninstall, I recieved a blue screen, I restarted and have sense been unable to connect to my wireless connection. I have 2 other computers connected wirelessly just fine and the other computer never had an issue before this event. I am unable to do a system restore because I had no previous restore points. The logical conclusion is that the uninstallation process on some level is responsible for this. Before I reimage to factory settings I posting here for any other ideas.
  18. Ok, so I'd like some plain English advice on how to uninstall 10.1 WITHOUT having the issues I just had while trying to do so. I've had to use System Restore to regain the use of my computer, and thusly, I have restored Ad-Aware. And no, I don't have any other virus protection or anything. So what exactly happened: My trial period had run out and I hadn't gotten around to reactivating. It had been a couple of days and we noticed our laptop computer shutting down improperly. I assumed malware, and I said that I'd update the Ad-aware. My partner thought it WAS the Ad-aware, because of the aggressive pop-ups to reactivate. I went to reactivate the free version, and when they wanted some of my information to send me an activation key, for a free version, I thought forget this, and decided to uninstall it completely. I went to the control panel, and uninstalled the various components, which was some kind of toolbar, and some other peripheral program. They went ok. Then I tried to uninstall the main program and admin permission to allow Ad-aware to delete programs from my computer popped up. I assumed this was a normal part of the uninstallation process, and agreed. The computer immediately crashed, a blue screen, then a black and white screen. Then it restarted itself, asking if I'd like to start in safe mode, and I said no. Upon restart I could no longer access the internet. I ignored this, and decided to try uninstalling again, and when it asked for permission to change my computer I said no, but it wouldn't let me complete unless I agreed. So, I did, and finally it was uninstalled, but I still could no longer access the internet. Diagnostics revealed that there was "a problem with my wireless network driver" and windows could tell me no more. Simple restarting did not work, so I used System Restore, and here I am. How do I uninstall this without giving it permission to change my computer? Would reactivating it first change anything?
  19. Hello, I had installed the Ad-Aware 10.x trial yesterday on a friend's PC and it download fine and it asked to reboot during install. The PC never came back into Windows after the reboot. When I boot the PC now, the system will get into Windows but will reboot after 10 to 30 seconds, then into constant reboot mode. I can get the PC into safe mode. The PC does have Trend Microsystems and an older version of Lavasoft on it. It will not let me uninstall either version of Ad-Aware in Safe-mode as Windows tells me that "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if using Safe Mode...." Is there a way to either uninstall the software or get into Regedit to change a value so that it does not keep rebooting? The PC was working fine before the install of Ad-Aware yesterday. Thanks, Erik
  20. Hey, I installed Ad-Aware 10 just 2 days ago, and I've decided to uninstall it for now. But when I try to do that; I'll get the following message: [img][/img] When you click "Browse", it wants to find "Ad-Aware Antivirus.msi", which doesn't exist. I tried to manually get the msiexec uninstall string from the registry, but it doesn't exist. I have also tried to re-install it (and rebooted) - with no success. How can I proceed from here?
  21. Hi guys, is it possible to uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus 10 in Safe Mode? I got a bluescreen everytime i try to start Windows in Normal Mode. Thanks for your help, kind regards Brax
  22. Hello. I am unable to install Ad-Aware on my system after the previous uninstall crashed part way through. When attempting to install, I receive the message "A newer version of ad-aware is already installed" then the installation halts. I have attempted the manual removal instructions that I have found in these forums but nothing has worked. Some fragment of the old installation remains which the installer detects and ceases to continue. Is anyone able to assist me? Thanks.