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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I have recently downloaded adaware antivirus free version on my Laptop. I have Windows 10 installed but since then my PC fan are running way fast then it used to be. I also used couple of temperature monitor tool i.e. Core temp, HWMonitor, and Speedfan to check my CPU temp and fan speed. I noticed that my temps are way to high for a laptop. It's not just this tool along whenever i install third-party antivirus software this happens. I don't know what is wrong with my laptop or there's something wrong with antivirus tool. Especially when these tool download definition my laptop runs like a snail.
  2. I have ad block on my desktop with Win7, but can't find it ANYWHERE ON OR IN the Mozilla, for my wife's laptop with Win-10 Pro, add-ons site!! What's going on with that???!!!!????????? No AdBlock for Win10 ???????????????????????????????????????? here ya go:
  3. In recent weeks an annoying popup appears every time I click to open File Explorer for the first time in a session. This occasionally happens when opening files from icons on the desktop, too. There apparently was a problem with this is the past based on web searches, but no solutions were offered and especially not for Windows 10 and Ad-Aware 11. How can I prevent this popup that requires several clicks to resolve every time?
  4. Hi all, TLDR; AD-Aware 11 causes blue screen of death on a fresh install of windows 10. After some research it APPEARS (not 100% tested) to be because windows 10 defender has real time protection ALWAYS on, and aware 11 conflicts. I don't want to install in compatibility mode because I purchased adaware for its real time protection! What can I do? I've been using AD-Aware since my early days on windows XP, it was always my go too. I switched to Mac OS for quite a few years, but my PC building side had a resurgence so after splurging on building a beast, I'm back to windows. Ad-Aware is all I feel comfortable with using, but it appears I cannot use it because the real time protection feature of windows 10 defender is stuck on. I do not wish to install in the mode that doesn't allow for real time protection from adaware. What can I do? NOTE: I am not 100% sure that that is the reason of the BSoD, but after research and considering I'm doing this on a clean install of windows that is my conclusion thus far. Any work Arounds? Thanks so much, Anthony
  5. Ad-Aware isn't working well, e.g. features cannot be activated, after the automatic upgrade to Windows 10 I have followed the directions and uninstalled Ad-Aware from Control Panel, restarted the computer and installed Ad-Aware again. no luck I have attached the logs per the following instructions in http://www.lavasofts...roubleshooting/. Ad-Aware Please investigate and let me know how I can get Ad-Aware working again. Thanks, Traci
  6. If you get an internet connection problem after activating Ad-Aware Pro or Total in Windows 10, please turn off Stealth Mode in network protection. 1. Select Network Protection - > Advanced Settings -> Adapters Settings -> Manage. 2. Click on Edit for the network connection with the problem. 3. Select to turn off Stealth.
  7. Before upgrading to Windows 10 or installing new versions of Windows 10, e.g. the November update to version 1511, please uninstall Ad-Aware from Control Panel first and after the upgrade/update install Ad-Aware again. If you have other antivirus programs, firewalls or similar programs installed, please uninstall them as well. If you didn't do that and now have problems with Ad-Aware, please see Problem after upgrade to Windows 10 or after installion of new versions of Windows 10 or Ad-Aware. .
  8. Two alternative problem descriptions: Ad-Aware isn't working well, e.g. features cannot be activated, after you have upgraded to Windows 10 or installed a new version of Windows 10, e.g. the November update to version 1511, Ad-Aware isn't working well, e.g. features cannot be activated, after a program update, and you have upgraded to Windows 10 or installed a new version of Windows 10, e.g. the November update to version 1511, with Ad-Aware installed. In either case, please uninstall Ad-Aware from Control Panel, restart the computer and install Ad-Aware again. If Ad-Aware still isn't working well, please collect logs and other information by following the instructions in http://www.lavasofts...roubleshooting/to let Lavasoft investigate it. Start a new topic in the forum and upload the logs with your post.
  9. I have Ad-Aware Pro Security version 11.7.485.8398 and all the buttons are non-responsive except "Scan Computer." On the "Home" page, all the buttons (Real-Time Protection, etc.) are greyed out and set to "OFF." Clicking on the button anywhere has no effect. I tried a System Reset to no avail. Interestingly, on the App Management page, it let me set a security pin and turn on System Notifications, which I then turned off. The Email Protection page won't let me turn on and the Protection Level, the "Normal" is greyed out with no chance to choose. This is with Windows 10 Pro installed over Windows 7. Tons of ram, everything else so far seems to work OK. Any idea?