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Computer Freezes ?

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Anyone else having this problem ?


OK, I've put up with the odd error message from AdAware on Windows startup, and am persevering with the bugs and it not finding cookies yet.


But since downloading def file 5.0, my computer now often freezes whilst I'm on the net.


Egg timer on screen but no hard disk access or anything; no reponse to mouse or keyboard. No Rx or TX flashing on external modem.


Looks like something is just looping round and round -- has AdWatch "stuck" ?

Only way out is to power off, CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work.


It might be my imagination, but it does seem to happen shortly after doing a manual check for updates on AdAware. This might just be co-incidence as I usually check for updates sometime during a net session.


I'm using AdAware Plus, I've got XP Pro (all available updates), AOL on dial-up, and Norton AV2007, and Webroot Spy Sweeper.


So, now I'm really worried. I have seen reports on here that AdAware has trashed peoples PC's. Is this the sort of behaviour that people saw before their PC was trashed ?


I am trying to be patient with AdAware but I'm not sure that I'm prepared to trash my PC or registry by having to power off all the time.


I am considering uninstalling, but there are loads of reports on here that this doesn't work properly either !!


Is anyone having this problem since last def file release ?

Has anyone actually managed to use the uninstall for AdAware+ without problems ?

Should I use the AdAware uninstaller or the Windows one ?


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Whoaa ! Now we're making progress . . .


But it isn't good.


Downloaded def file 0006.000; guess what -- now can't get online at all.

As soon as I dial up and get the AOL Welcome screen my computer hangs up - egg timer, no keyboard, no mouse, no CTRL-ALT-DEL, whatever.


If I close AdWatch and aawservice.exe before I go online everything is fine and dandy.


So I take it all back. As Adwatch has never, EVER, found any cookies in realtime I figured that it was a "fake" program just taking space until the real thing could be finished and sneaked in as an update.


But I was wrong - it definitely does do something. But I don't think completely blocking net access was the kind of tracking cookie protection I was thinking of when I bought the program.



I haven't bothered yet with LSoft support.

Most people on this forum seem to think it is pretty useless - either completely ignored, or standard form replies which are either no help or imply the user is a complete banana who can't follow instructions.


I know that LSoft Tech Support must be completely buried in queries & complaints, and I have some sympathy with the 1.5 persons who man the support desk, but after all that's not my fault or indeed my problem. I am simply a paying customer who wants a working product.


There seems to be more feedback to the customer base using this forum, than Tech Support.


So, Are you listening LSoft ? Tobias ? Anyone at all ? What am I supposed to do now ?



Please help, before I have to give up with LSoft for ever.



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