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Hey, Does Anyone Know The Secret Codeword -

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I have a problem with AdWatch - as soon as I connect to AOL, AdWatch freezes my computer - have to power off. Without Adwatch running, it's fine.


So I wrote to Tech Support and after a few days I got a standard email reply telling me to re-install, etc, etc, etc, and send them screen shots. Screen shots from a frozen computer ? ?


Clearly, this was just a standard automatic reply and no-one had bothered to actually read my original support request. And there was no "incident reference number" which one normally gets from other company tech support desks to allow them to review the history of the problem.


So I wrote back to the address given in the email [general support] with a request for more help.

It's been a week now and no repsonse.


What do I do ? I've paid for AdWatch to get realtime cookie protection but it is unusuable, or not compatible, with AOL. So actually, I don't have a product at all and LSoft don't respond.


Anyone know how to contact a real person at LSoft ?

Anyone had this problem and fixed it themselves ?

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