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"plug In's"

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While I like orginazation I like simplicity too.

I do appreciate the reduction of work load thus I'm sure the reason for all this format.

Problem is "Which Catagorie" and where.

Sort of reminds me of the "XP" view" on the control pannel versis the "classic view"

I'm not complaining I'm just trying to give some feedback. (a primary subject base search would solve this such as "plug in's" in this immediate case)

(I tried that no hits)




I recently moved from Ad-Aware SE to Ad-Aware 2007 (the freebee) and I thank you.

During the installation I was asked if I wanted to dump the old "Plug In's" to wit I said yes. (thinking that it was a no brainer to get them again) nooooooo

So now that I am up and running with the new and revised Ad-Aware I try to find out where the "plug in's" are; and there is a "drawer" for them. However there are no options to get them there. I mean the box is there but seems to be subdued.


So I did a system restore and got the plug in's back.


So now where do they go?


I'm sure I'm not the only person with this question.

Alas but are they included automatically? or Are they incorporated in the program? or Are they only available to the "Pay People"? or Is there some hoop I am failing to see that I have to jump through to get them to work? or Are they not needed in Ad-Aware 2007? or And this is a huge possibility. Are the plug in's a different format and won't work in the "new and revised Ad-Aware 2007?



:and I mean no disrespect but thinking back to windows 98 when you got "Word" on board and then "ME" came out and no longer did you get word unless you paid twice what you paid for the OS to get the office suite:


And I must say thank you very much for this service of "Ad-Aware" and then "Ad-Aware SE" great product and I recommend it to all who are.

I also must adress that if this is simply a money thing then ok and if I had the money I'd update to the pay version. Oops I'd have to have a way to pay on line too and there; well I won't bore you with that.


Gentleman/women et al; please advise as it is just a simple thing I'm wondering about. The "PLUG IN'S"?

Please feel free to connect with the people who have the emails that can put any further questions about the problem I'm having back in touch with you.


Thank You ahead of time



MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum 7100 ver 1A /SLI; 939 AMD ATHLON 64 3000+, Venice @1801MHz; 2GBs CORSAIR XMS PC-3200 DDR SDRAM @ 3.0 latency; MSI Nvidia NX 6200TC 16E; Hitachi 80GB SATA II; NEC 3540A DVD dual layer burner/cd burner ROM; Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum: 32" Sharp Aquos HDLCDTV;



ps: I'd have done a smell check but I couldn't see a link for "Spell check" lol ty

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